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   [21 May 2010 | Friday]

Dear God

Dear God; may you see into my soul and deliver me of any unconscious thoughts. May you lead me in such a way that I may know where my next step to take. Help me decifer between those who wish to lead me astray, and those who wish to hold me accountable for my  actions. Help me to learn of  your love, and learn of your ways. If nothing else, help  me to use my heart in all situations rather then my mind which often leads me into temptation.

Allow me to use the gifts you instilled in me to reach out to others so they too may learn of your mercy and grace. Allow my eyes to be open to your influence and your guidance. For alone; I tremble and am lost.  I am afraid, and I am tempted. I lose sight of hope, and fall into never ending shame. I try to go my own way only to discover a dead end. I try and fix my eyes on you, and my path is suddenly more bearable. You walk beside me and yet sometimes I ignore your presence. I walk in awknowledgement of your presence, I am aware of your beauty and your forgiveness. You've shown me threw these few days that you are still here, and you still accept me as you child. Thank you  for having shared with me the few moments  I had to see your love shine through. You allow me to appreciate things in which others may or cannot. I know for a fact when I look up on a sunny day and see the clouds drift across the sky, pales of pink, gray, orange and white. I see your presence, feel your prescence, am aware of your prescence. It's strange for the feelings I have, I know are of you and are real. Only I in that moment was able to feel that connection. You reached out to me in hopes of me reaching my  hand back out towards you. And you took it. Just as you always have, and always will. I thank you Jesus for never having  left my side even threw all the chaos and drama I've been through. I may have ignored and put you to the side, but you remained steady and consistent. Nothing like any other mortal being on earth. You are my way out God. You are my way to a life of happiness, comfort, security and all the things I only imagined existed. You are all those things and so much more that I am barely able to fathom it all.

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