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The Red Horse

The Red Horse is loose and Galloping out of control to bring more wars with death and destruction upon this planet than ever before in the history of man. Yes there have always been wars, but nothing as the signs of the times along with what the words of God reveal for now and today! We are all deep within the times of the end as the worst timesoftroubles that have ever been or will ever be are about to begin striking horrors into the hearts and minds of all worldwide beginning with the fall of what once was the worlds superpower that has been on a steady decline for decades now.

When has man ever developed weapons that were not used? Because knowledge has been increased, [Daniel 12:4] man now possess enough computerized weapons, nuclear weapons, chemical weapons and biological weapons to completely annihilate all human life on this planet, and if it were not for the return of Jesus Christ that’s exactly what would happen.

With close to 28,000 nuclear warheads worldwide in very unstable hands, and world nations all scrambling for power and needed natural resources with the fall of America that the whole world can see is taking place, [and only Americans are blind to their own fall] major wars are going to break loose.

Let’s explore some facts that are not in the controlled media or flashing government reports for all to read and understand.

When most all Americans think of great military power in all ranks such as army, navy, marines, air force and more, they think of themselves as the unmatched world power. And there was a time when we were very great, but history repeats itself and there has never been a great kingdom that has not fallen. During the start of World War II Britain went into total shock when they learned that the German air force was superior over there own.

What people in America just have no idea of is that the U.S. Air Force is more as an aging machine that has about out lived its use. At this time the usaf has the oldest planes in U.S history. The average age of an air force jet is about 24 years. There are transport aircraft and refueling tankers that are over 40 years old with just no immediate plans made for the needed major up grades as in complete replacements that would take much time and many billions; and even if there were plans it would matter not because America is falling fast.

Most of what’s below was written by Robert Morley

Chief of Staff Michael Moseley concurred “The F-15s and F-16s were designed and built in the late ’60s and ’70s. Some of them were produced up until the early ’80s. But they’ve led a pretty hard life. … In the F-15 case, we’ve got the airplane restricted to 1.5 Mach. It was designed to be a 2.5 Mach airplane. We’ve got it limited on maneuvering restrictions because we’ve had tail cracks, fuselage cracks, [and] cracks in the wings”

Moseley says the maneuvering restrictions are affecting unit preparedness, and likens it to practicing for the Indy 500 by driving at 60 miles per hour—then accelerating the car to 200 miles an hour on the day of the race.
“It is not the time to be doing that on game day,” he says. Moseley worries about the health of the aging fleet and feels that the seriousness of this issue is “not well understood by those our airmen protect.”
The F-15s were supposed to last until 2025, but after 17 years of almost continuous use in the First Gulf War, the Balkans, and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, wear and tear is taking its toll. Most people don’t drive cars that are even 17 years old, let alone operate computers that are that age. The F-15’s average age is 25 years. When you start accounting for corrosion issues, metal fatigue, structural components not built to spec, and multiple computer upgrades and electrical rewiring over the years, it is easy to see why the F-15s are starting to have so many problems.

Much of the rest of America’s aircraft, like the F-15, are also simply getting old and wearing out. The F-16 “Fighting Falcon,” the lightweight, less-expensive companion to the F-15, for example, has an average age of over 17 years. But the problem with the F-16 is that it was not designed for a long service life. Now, after heavy use, it also is approaching the limits of its life expectancy, according to Lexington Institute’s Loren Thompson. The 1,280 of these aircraft in service make up the bulk of America’s fighters. Outside of the F-15 and F-16 models, the Air Force’s fighter fleet would be left with just 91 F-22s. The F-22 is a fifth-generation fighter. Although it is far more advanced than the F-15 or F-16, current plans call for the eventual procurement of only 183 units. F-22s currently cost about $135 million each, while F-15s and F-16s originally cost just $15 million and $10.2 million respectively (approximately $45 million and $30 million in today’s dollars).

The U.S.’s transport and refueling tankers are also earning a reputation as flying death traps. Old flying behemoths such as the C-130 and KC-135 are regular causes of concern for the Air Force. After cracks were discovered in the wing boxes of older C-130s, the Air Force grounded many of those transports. In fact, many planes on Air Force inventories are considered too risky to fly at all except in emergencies. In these cases, once a month the engines are fired up and the planes are pulled around the tarmac to keep the tires from going flat.

All told, only two thirds of the service’s aging fleet is available to go up in the air at any time. For the F-15s and F-16s, the mission-capable rate stands at only 74 and 76 percent respectively.
“This can’t go on,” Air Force Secretary Michael Wynne warned back in 2007. “At some time in the future, they will simply rust out, age out, fall out of the sky. We need, somehow, to re-capitalize this force.”

And as America’s Air Force ages and wears out, it is sucking in greater and greater amounts of resources to keep it flying.
Maintenance costs increased by 38 percent from 1996 to 2006, and maintenance man-hours increased 50 percent compared to hours of flying time. The workload for heavy repairs at aircraft depots was up a whopping 41 percent.
Wynne says that when you add up the rate at which the fleet is aging, the rising maintenance costs, personnel cutbacks and the prices of new equipment, it means one thing: Air Force America is “going out of business. It is simply a matter of time.”
Probably the most amazing aspect of the graying Air Force is that the U.S. spends more money on its armed forces than the whole world combined! But even with the hundreds of billions spent each year, the average aircraft age is heading into the atmosphere—on afterburners. Being the world’s policeman, fighting terrorism and continual wars for the past 19 years is taking its toll.

The signs are everywhere, and not just in the Air Force: America’s military is aging. The Navy and Coast Guard are in similar situations. America’s heavy ice-breaker fleet is down to three operational vessels, two of which are approaching the end of their operational cycles. The Coast Guard is sailing many 30- and 40-year-old ships and even World War II-era vintage vessels including the 65-year-old cutter Acushnet, whose propeller separated completely from its shaft in December 2007. Because of the ship’s age, no off-the-shelf spare parts were available; the fixes had to be custom built.
Increasing amounts of money and resources are needed just to maintain these war machines, and these are costs the American economy has not had to bear in the past on any sort of large scale. The problem is, America doesn’t have the money. All levels of American society—federal, state, local, corporate, personal—have unsustainable debt levels. America is broke—most just don’t realize it yet.

Hosea, talking to ancient Israel, warned that Ephraim’s military and economic might had largely faded, though the tribe was ignorant of it: “yea, gray hairs are here and there upon him, yet he knoweth not.” Hosea 7:9

Today, gray hairs are on America. Its age as a superpower is nearly over—America’s waning air superiority is just one example. New powers are destined to rise in Europe, China and Russia, and the Middle East—so says your Bible.

Pirates Embarrass U.S. Navy
November 19, 2008 | From
The biggest high-seas oil heist in history, and guess what America does?

America just had a boatload of oil stolen—a big one. The U.S. Fifth Fleet knows where the ship is, and it knows who stole it. But it isn’t doing much about it—it isn’t allowed to. If he were alive, Admiral Perry would be pulling out his hair. Why won’t America use its power?
Somali pirates captured a fully-laden Saudi supertanker off the coast of the East African nation of Kenya this past Saturday. The giant oil tanker, carrying the equivalent of one quarter of Saudi Arabia’s daily oil output—2 million barrels of oil—was en route to the United States via a section of ocean actively patrolled by the U.S. Navy.
In all fairness, the Fifth Fleet is attempting to police an area four times the size of Texas. Yet, the hijacking did catch naval officials off guard. “This is unprecedented,” said a Navy spokesman. “It’s three times the size of an aircraft carrier.” At over 318,000 deadweight tons, the supertanker is the largest ship ever captured by pirates.
Back in the U.S., Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said he was “stunned” that the pirates succeeded in pulling off such a capture so far from the coast.
“Certainly we’ve seen an extraordinary rise” of attacks, Mullen said. “I am extremely concerned by the overall number.”
Pirates in speedboats, armed with heavy machine guns and grenade launchers, have been wreaking havoc in the Gulf of Aden, regularly plundering merchant ships over the past two years and especially the past few months. This latest seizure suggests their range has vastly increased.
The pirates are “very good at what they do,” says Mullen “They’re very well armed. Tactically, they are very good.” The incidence of ship seizures is way up, he says. The National Post puts the number at well over 60 for this year. In September, pirates seized a ship that, among other military hardware, was carrying 33 battle tanks.
According to Mullen, little can be done now that the pirates have the tanker—and hostages. In June, the United Nations said it would allow the U.S. to enter Somali waters when in pursuit of pirates. But that is of little value at present. Once a ship has been captured, countries and shipping companies often prefer to pay the pirates off as opposed to risk damage to their ships or the lives of their crew.
So America will wait for payment negotiations. Then, if the talks proceed as other recent ransom negotiations have, in three or so months the ship may be again heading for the U.S.
According to military sources, the ship is heading toward Eyl, a well-known pirate stronghold in Somalia that is harboring several other captured ships being similarly ransomed.
But the fact that a known pirate stronghold is allowed to exist is in itself a condemning indictment of America.
After the British incident last year in which the Iranian Navy’s kidnapping of British sailors went unretaliated, the world knew the British Royal Navy had become impotent. It appears America is in the same boat—a long way off from the America that men like Theodore Roosevelt presided over.

America has the most dominant, technologically advanced navy in the world. The navy knows where the hijacked ship is, it has a good idea of who the pirates are, and it even has UN permission to enter Somali waters. And the oil was on its way to America.
At the very least, Admiral Perry would have anchored the fleet in Eyl and not left until he had the crew and the cargo—and the pirates.
The cause of America’s broken will can be found in these links.

Information regarding reality can be gathered here and there, but where it’s gathered from does not necessarily mean that I believe in or stand with them. Herbert Armstrong and all of the offshoots or splinter groups that came from the wwcg all have their many skeletons in the closet as I have had experiences with the pcg [Gerald Flurry] and the rcg [David Pack] only to find no love which is a commandment in John 13:34. At any rate there are valuable scripture and study materials from both sites. However, they and other big names having to do with God all around the world fit the words of Paul in 1 Corinthians 13:2 perfectly because they have absolutely no love which will keep them from the tree of life [Revelation 22:14] no matter how puffed they may be, and they lead many that shall fall with them, because without love we are as nothing to God. Remember that well.
We can learn many things regarding this world through many sources with prayer for God to direct us. What’s important is just keeping God for our only director in all things because we are in the times of the end of humanity.

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