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God has been so kind to me by waking me early to spend time with Him in His Word and in prayer. It has made such a difference in my life. I look forward each morning to see what He has for me.This Sabbath morning I prayed for the service and for the Holy Spirit to show Himself in power and might. The scripture I read was meaningful to me and something I want to share with one of my children and his spouse as this really pertains to their situation. It is so encouraging. I bounced out of bed filled with joy and expecting good things.

My friend arrived a bit late. There was an open chair next to me and she sat there. After a while she took her jacket off. Better said, she attempted to take her jacket off. Noticing she was having difficulty, I began to help her. She explained she was in pain with her shoulder muscle and not able to move it very much. Once her jacket was removed, I placed my hand on the muscle that was painful. I prayed inwardly asking for the Holy Spirit to be present and for Jesus to heal her. God interrupted my prayer to tell me some things about my friend and then told me He was going to heal her. I thanked Him and took my hand off.

Moments later her arm began jerking and writhing. It stopped shortly thereafter. There was a pause and then her shoulder went into motion. By this time I knew it was God as the same thing has happened to me at times. I was very excited. This process went on for what seemed like ten minutes and then there was peace. Great joy spread throughout my body.

When it came time to share, my friend said she had been touched by the Holy Spirit and had her shoulder muscle healed and ran through a range of motion exercises showing off her new abilities. She stated that normally one associates heat with healing but my hand on her was cold and the cold sensation lingered after I removed my hand. She found it soothing.

I was bursting inside as I listened to what she had to say. Needless to say I was praising the Lord. This was the first time I was involved in an immediate healing and I felt that He was cheering me on - to keep close to Him, to learn more of Him and His Word, and to pray more for the people in my fellowship.

As I have been in morning devotions for a while now, I have seen changes in my life and my thinking. I feel God's love more than ever before. I know that I know He is in charge and that makes me comfortable and loved.

He recently stopped a surgery the day before it was scheduled. I knew He had a good reason so I was relaxed. It appears another surgery, a more important surgery, is in my near future. Monday I will learn more about what is going on with my abdominal aorta and celiac artery and how it is impacting my digestive system. The vascular surgeon looks like a highschool kid! I know God has this whole thing planned out, right down to the youngest doctor on the block, and I can rest in that. Do I want to go through what appears I will have to endure? No. Do I want to continue to feel sick and unable to eat? No.  I don't even want to think about it so I don't. God is so much more enjoyable to focus on!


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