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Sarah's mission to Kenya part one


Note from Sarah, I will be writing about my experiences in Kenya as a missionary. I probably will add notes about monthly starting November 2009 for nine or ten months. I hope you will enjoy my journey. My purpose in doing this is to make more people familiar with Kenya and to get donations for Kensud, the mission I served with in Kenya.
Sarah’s Mission to Kenya
Induction to Sarah
I am a 70 year old retired nurse called by God to do mission work in Kenya. My time in Kenya was mostly at Kitale, Kenya; between the months of October 8th 2008 to July 13th 2009. I am an ordinary Christian, a member of a small church in Ohio, USA. My church MCC has about thirty elderly members. We are housed in an old church needing much repair continuously. I had never done missionary work. I had been a Sunday school teacher for five or so pre-school children and had been an Elder for three years at my church. I had never been mission minded or had my church supported missions to any great degree.  God connected me through a friend from my church, Melanie, in the spring of 2008 to a Christian mission organization called Kenya Sudan Medical Mission Trust. I will often refer to it as KENSUD.
Information about MCC.
 MCC congregation is a kind wonderful people. They are very willing to help each other and support some charities. But supporting people in a far away country and sending one of their own there, wasn’t on their agenda at first. When I announced I wanted to be a missionary to Kenya my greatest opposition was some of my closet friends. They felt I had gone out of my mind. Missions are good if someone they did not know was the missionary. They would say aren’t you scared to go there? I would say, what is all the stuff in the bible about having faith in God to take care of you? I really believed if you are really Called to missions, God will take care of you while your there. My friends eventually accepted I was serious about going to Kenya and then supported me in my ministry.
            Kensud goals are to evangelize and give medical care to unreached people in southern Sudan and northern Kenya. This is 80% of the population in these rural areas. This project was founded in 2001 by missionaries/nurse family of Mr. Willy and Peninah Komen. They started in giving eye care and doing church planning. They found most unreached communities were faced with many unmet needs such as; lack of schools and education, shops, churches, roads, water and food. They have helped natives to make much improvement in these areas, such as help in building churches, schools and giving health care but there is much work to be done.
            Kensud Medical Mission is a partner to local churches and local believers who feel touched to support God’s work. Internationally, Kensud is a formal partner of Mission ONE (Overseas National Evangelism) of USA and AIC Sudan. From my experiences with Kensud they are doing great Christian, medical and humanitarian work. But they have great needs. They have a need for more media. But they don’t have money and resources to advertise themselves. They receive some financial assistance from their community, Mission ONE and friends with good hearts. But those donations are minimal compared to the cost of their projects and needs that they are supporting. They need missionaries as pastors and medical personal from USA, Europe and from anyone with a gift to serve God.
My first day in Nairobi Kenya. October 11th, 2008
My air fight from the USA to Nairobi went very will. All of the preparation, weighing the suit cases three times, buying adapter plugs so I can hook up to electricity, etc paid off. I had no problems with the airlines. I stayed at the Holiday Inn in London, very expensive but nice. The one meal was about $45. After that I had sandwiches at the bar and they cost less with the tip and drink about $20. I got to Nairobi about 6 am Wednesday 8th of October 2008. It was an 8 hour flight. Rachel (A friend of Willy Komen’s, the administrator of Kensud) met me at the airport. Rachel is a very pleasant Kenyan that works for the Nairobi University Library.
Rachel had a driver who took us through Nairobi to get to the Methodist Guest house. Driving seemed to be verily confusing and probably dangerous. What I saw, Nairobi doesn’t have many streets light crossings and I saw no 4 way stops. If you want to get through a certain area you honk and motion out the window of your car and unlike most American drivers, the other people will let you through. This wouldn’t work in America but it does for them. All kinds of people are walking near the highway. They are will dressed in westernize clothing, professional people. Then when traffic slows down vendors will come to the window of your car and try to sell their wares. Many Kenyan’s also jay walk often which adds to the confusion when you are driving a car
            Nairobi is an attractive city, probably about 4 million in population. There are palm like trees that gives it a Florida like appearance without the humidity and it is also dry and desert like. I noticed many cars and vans had bad and dirty exhaust coming from them. It seemed polluted in the sky that morning but by afternoon the sky was blue. So the pollution didn’t stay. The flumes from the cars when I was on the sidewalk later that day made me sick to my stomach, a little.
            The Methodist Guest House where I stayed was quite nice. It is quaint, has a swimming pool, (I didn’t swim), you can have laundry done, get meals and internet service all for a reasonable price. The room and 3 meals and two teas were about $214 for three days. I was in a room by myself. It has two twin size beds that are comfortable to sleep on, desk, chair, and closet space with hangers. Bathroom is the 50ty style; it had a sink, shower with hot water and flushing toilet. The home is old fashion but very nice and everyone is nice to you.
            .I met two other missionary ladies, Ruth and Bethany. They were young bible mission student’s getting their patient practice at the KenSud Medical Mission. They stayed in Kenya for two months with me at Kitale. They both plan to continue their education and become a register nurse and continue missionary work. They are both in their twenties and very nice. Rachel took us for an event the next day and then we were driven North West of Nairobi by a public shuttle van to Kitale our final destination.


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