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About people, church, God, truth and reality

Part one of two;

There is truth and there are consequences for not knowing a truth made available. There are those who believe in God and those who don’t. We as human beings live within a world that in pure actual truth is nothing other that a living nightmare of grotesque graphic detail when one crawls deeply within truths regarding America and every culture worldwide. As one little 9 year old girl is being beaten raped and buried alive another who is only 7 is just being murdered. As these two common events are taking place women are being violently raped worldwide as others are being beaten near physical and mental death by their deranged husbands or boyfriends. As these common events are taking place there are little boys and little girls being forced into levels of extreme grossly sick perverted sex acts that would make any normal mind cause their heart to break while vomiting from the graphic sicknesses taking place to innocent children with no control over their own lives whatsoever. And as these common everyday events are taking place there are world leaders in very high places behind closed doors that are putting the final puzzle pieces in place for the New World Order.


And that final piece my friends will be the start of the domino effect beginning with the United States of America crashing down followed by the whole world of man ruling man that has been nothing other than lies, greed, hate, murders, tortures, wars, perversion, power hungry warped minds and a whole society of arrogant egotistical know it alls that in the truth of reality know absolutely nothing.


Because if they did, would the world be as it is today while only getting worse beyond description each moment with more pure horrors than any heart and mind can even begin to handle the details of? There are over one million foreign troops in the USA just waiting for marshal law to be put into place so that they can begin the round up and executions that they have been placed for.


According to God who cannot lie we live within a world of darkness because the god of this world has blinded all to the truth of exactly who we are and what is expected of us by a God so mighty that the human mind and actions gives Him no genuine honor whatsoever, because in truth all hearts are far from Him and He is only honored by the lips of all who claim to believe while living by the doctrines and traditions of man that honor only pagan days while ignoring God’s Holy Days that will be honored for all of eternity.  


And He even describes in detailed ways all throughout the Holy Bible all of the short comings of the human race that He sees and knows very well because nothing can be hidden from our creator, yet because all believers do exactly what He as our Father says not to do, we live in a religious world of the blind leading the blind into the ditches of more suffering and deaths than words can even describe.


God has warned and told all; but all have chosen uncountable gods before Him in the words of man, television, theater, night clubs, travel, books, hobbies and just any style of life with things to do from a to z.


In other words anything that comes before God Almighty in your life is other gods. God has been specifically teaching me for the past three years just how cold hearted most people actually are. In lips there is love, but in actions there is none. There are some that do care and go well out of their way to help other people and God sees that and He knows your heart well because what He sees within you greatly pleases Him.


He also sees the darkness in the majority of hearts that have no care whatsoever for others beyond words that are completely meaningless.


Where there is no truth there is but rebellious scorpions who don’t want truth because they have been deceived by the god of this world just as God said.


Only God Himself can bring one out deception and into being an over comer.


Until that time the world must go through the raging storms of darkness that shall claim billions of lives; but all is not lost because man can only learn through pain that will teach him to never trust in man; but only in God and His kingdom to come that shall never fall as have every kingdom of man since the beginning.


And that my friend is the silver lining on the other side of the clouds of darkness that are forming all around the billions that have become lost with no love for fellow man beyond meaningless words.


Part two of two. . .


We don’t know each other yet but may soon as the effectual fervent prayers of a righteous man availeth much. I ask God to put into my mind who has the greatest needs that He wants me to pray for and I also search for friends in Christ our Lord. When we actually come to know others our first impressions always change. When you learn a bit about me and my past; and with that understand that for over two years I have been seeking any kind of help at all from brothers in Christ with absolutely near zero results that created a feeling that I had to fight of continually. Because of our Lord and His love I have gained victory and just do the best that I possibly can for being alone in life other than Christ and Father God with my wife to pray with always.


All that I do for my life is read and study God’s truth while watching world events. Below is just a little about me and ways to learn more if you choose.

In the mid nineties my liquid net worth was near four hundred thousand dollars because of my injury settlement. But because of my kindness of heart, I trusted too many, and helped to many. Just one of my kind acts cost me seventy five thousand in an unsecured bankruptcy. I gave five thousand to a Nazarene church building fund, donated to Feed the Children, gave for cancer and medical research, gave to the Battered women’s shelter, Goodwill and gave much to help many. I supported a policeman’s fund, sponsored a child in India and was a lifetime member of Midnight Call. When I traveled the interstates and state routes as a welder/millwright I would see people broke down and was always one to stop and do what I could to just help. Just in general I care about others. Through the latter part of my life God became my friend, teacher and main focus that continues to grow; and from that I have gained more understanding love and respect for Him than words could ever even begin to express because being close to God is totally spiritual.


 I am very thankful to God for what I do have which is forgiveness with love.


 Christ even said at is shedding of blood;  Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do.

When one goes thru a life of nothing but hard times with everything going wrong until he reaches the half century mark of existence . . . at that point all that can be done is to let all losses be forgotten as water under the bridge that shall never return as a new life begins.

So with fifty years of very many living experiences I purchased a one way ticket from Chicago's O Hare to Manila Philippines that landed on December 1st, 2006. My purpose in coming here was two fold.

I wanted and needed a woman to love, and I wanted and needed a very close walk with God.

Now, over two and one half years later, I can honestly say that God has fully answered my prayers regarding those two primary goals, and it has been a struggle, but a successful one.

Now, here is my problem.

I have zero income because of an old head injury in which a small portion of my brain was removed. That was at Charlotte NC Medical Center in April of 1988. Because of that I was pronounced permanently disabled and could never hold a job for any long periods of time. Attorneys via email said I had a good case for social security disability but by law I have to be in the USA to pursue it. America has no money and it would take two years to get any if they did so I have just let that idea go.

 My passport visa was last paid in August 2007, so now I owe 54,000 peso or about twelve hundred dollars that increases monthly, but that is just something that I can never pay and the least of my worries. I did spend over two years trying for the simple assistance from the US embassy on just a one way ticket back to America so that I could get a short term welding job and then return. But they never would help me because it was not God’s will.  I want to work with my hands but have no tools. The home we rent might as well be a cave that has major needs of all things because of the roof leaks, no plumbing or paint plus missing ceiling and windows. . .yet home sweet home is better than no home.  Just to have any small help would allow us to buy a lot and build our own bamboo or hollow block home as we ask so little from life other than extreme closeness to God Almighty.

I have good understanding of prophecy concerning the USA and the whole world with about eighteen years intake of His truth;  so all that I ask of life is just for a little happiness that I have never yet had while staying very devoted to God through full obedience just as the Word teaches.

My wife Mylene is a 1st grade school teacher with 67 pupils that has had to get loans through payroll deductions. So now her monthly salary of 12,000 peso has been reduced to 4,500 which is about $90.

Her parents that live in another part of the Philippines are very poor and with nothing, so each month Mylene sends them 1000 peso via western union. That’s $20 so her pay for us is then lowered to $70 a month.

I have tried for many jobs but there just are none here. I also have resumes out worldwide, but with my age, no travel funds, and an overdue amount to the Philippine bureau of immigration, it has just become as a useless effort for two years now.

I would like to be active for God as my life’s priority and have been pursuing churches with no success because it just has not yet been God’s will yet [but will be] I also am a welder, mechanic, and many other hands on trades. If I had a small service vehicle with tools, I could at least work as a repairman on wheels capable of many various repairs depending on what tools and equipment I had to use.

Thank you,

May God Be With You Always

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