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Making hair straightening moreefficient

You don't need to visit a salon andspend several minutes on a treatment. Here are some tips you may want toconsider if you are planning to get one. TemperaturerangeThis is one of the mostimportant feature you should look into when choosing for an iron for thick hair.Thick hair needs more heat which makes it hard to straighten. Heat fromordinary irons can dissipate quickly on thick tresses. This causes insufficientheat on the plates and takes more time to straighten the strands. Get an ironthat has a digital temperature control and a maximum temperature of 450degrees. This type of iron will have sufficient heat for your thick hair andthe temperature will be more constant. Making hair straightening moreefficient.Materialsused on the ironWhen choosing for a flatiron, do not get one that has cheap plastics in it. You can tell this byinspecting the iron. The body should feel very sturdy and shouldn't deform whenpressed down. This ensures that the iron will last long and it won't break dueto constant use.Wide platesThebest hair straightener for thick hair should have plates that are2 inches wide or more. This makes it easier to distribute the heat throughoutthe hair strands, making it easier to straighten it. This saves you timebecause you can cover a large area of your hair at once.The kind ofplates usedGet an iron that hasdurable plate materials like titanium or ceramic. Theses materials last longercompared to steel plates. These are also smoother which reduces friction duringstraightening. This prevents your hair from getting damage due to constantfriction. Aside from that, ceramic plates emit negative ions that works wonderson your tresses. It neutralizes the positive charge on your strands, reducingstatic and frizz. It seals in the natural oils of your strands, keeping itmoisturized and soft. It smoothens rough hair cuticles, therefore repairing it.If you want better results, you can get a tourmaline coated ceramic iron. Itgives better treatment because it boosts the production of ions. Giving youmore beautiful and manageable tresses.These are some of thethings you need to keep in mind when shopping for a suitable iron for yourthick hair. If you want to learn more wigs uk, you can click on the web:

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