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May 2020

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Application of ECCA Wire and Construction of Branch Cable

ECCA Wire is still quite common in our daily life, especially when special wires such as cable cores are used, ECCA wire materials are felt, and the composition of the main enclosed bus is very important. Now let's take a look at the actual situation of the enclosed bus with ECCA wire and the structure of the branch cables. I think everyone is curious. Now let's get to know it.

The main material for ECCA wire production, enclosed bus bar, is mainly formed by the conductor, shell and insulator materials of the carrier. The bus bar shell should be made of high-quality cold-rolled plates with sufficient mechanical strength. In order to prevent the grade from IP55, the current-carrying conductor is made of copper electrical materials of GB5585.1-5585.3, and the contact surfaces of conductor contacts are specially treated to ensure the connection parts are reliable in war, low in fever and safe and reliable in the application. ECCA insulation materials need to have good insulation performance, anti-ageing, non-toxic, low smoke and other project indicators.

The coherence of branch cables is very important, which is the key performance of branch cables. Branch coherence reduces the conductors of branch cables into a whole and is the most insulating and explosion-proof solution. From the appearance, it can be seen that this is the key part of the branch cable. For the possibility of cable test joints, both mechanical tensile force and test, as well as electric heating cycle test, are required.

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