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June 2020
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Miss & Mister World of Twelve 2020

In collaboration with the Skiny team, it's time to show to Cheap Kamas Dofus Retro your mirror (and the entire World of Twelve) that you will be the prettiest one on the dance floor or the very handsome one strutting around! Don your beautiful Kitsou fur fabrics along with your most elegant Mastogob leather clothing, and enter into the thrilling world of fashion. Welcome to the Miss and Mister World of Twelve 2020 adventure! The issue is participating, sure. But we also have ribbons and gifts for the most!

Following DOFUS's 15th anniversary occasions, the members of Skiny wish to keep the good times coming. They've come up with a theme like they do every year. Who will be Skiny? Skiny is a group of individuals devoted to skins in DOFUS. Do you want your character's skin to be Piwi that is bright yellow? Are you searching for wedding finery to put on the happiest day of your life? If that's the case, you can ask them to get help designing your dream outfit through Discord or Twitter!

Enjoy, Glory, and Memories -- that's the subject that will set you. That is appropriate. YOU, the players. Youwatched the course of their adventures grows within and've established, so this edition is even more special. But back to business. Your personality is going to be analyzed and inspected by the attentive, critical and expert eyes of a jury made up of a few Ankamians and designers from Skiny.

The Skiny group is responsible for directing and organizing the competition. Please contact the organizers for all queries or claims regarding the contest. Screenshots submitted by participants might be placed on line in a gallery to the contest and/or replicated in whole or in part on a couple of websites belonging to the Ankama group, on its own official webpages and notably on dofus, social media and internet streaming websites, and/or on among those Ankama group's YouTube channels as soon as they're posted online by the participants, which contest participants expressly acknowledge and accept. All rights to these screenshots are ceded to Ankama Games in accordance with the provisions set forth within this document.

Prizes are strictly non-transferable and personal, and so can't be marketed, exchanged, loaned, ceded, or transferred to, or gain other person, ascendant, descendant, beneficiary, or any third party for any reason unless otherwise specified by Ankama. Prizes awarded to the winner's Ankama account may under no circumstances be moved unless otherwise stipulated by Ankama, whether the account belongs to the winner or not. The winner might not assert any reimbursement when or if the MMORPG DOFUS stops being published and/or buy dofus kamas echo dispersed in any sort or in its current form.

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