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3:54 AM   [21 May 2020 | Thursday]

It's a nice spec for PvP

The weapon itself is equally unique and as RS3 gold creepy as the boss. Sure, scythes existed in-game beforehand, but not as functional weapons. This was new. Using a scythe is just badass. In the sharp navy advantages to the indigo core dotted with bright spots, the blade is a literal fang sewn roughly to the leg and just dripping with the poisonous venom. The weapon is a perfect representation of the process used to create it and the manager where it came.The halberd cartoons were only made for this particular weapon. The poisonous scythe creates a better halberd-class weapon compared to halberds. I noticed that if I used it with a keepsaked dragon halberd since my licks didn't look as clean and skills like quake and storm looked less clear. This is the 1 melee weapon in RuneScape that never looks awkward, even when skills are canceled by my rotations in orders that are awkward. The weapon always moves cleanly and it just always makes me feel like a badass to use, even when I'm getting shredded from the opponent.

It's a nice spec for PvP. Not actually a PvPer but as with all nox weapons, Mirrorback is like vengeance on crack on legacy mode. It's still viable for PvM despite not being a t92. The scythe is pretty much the only weapon at its tier, Considering that the Zaros Godsword was given its own market. And when used properly it can nevertheless lay down some serious DPM, particularly given the tactical benefit of not needing to stand at melee distance of your opponent.It is the best slayer weapon in RuneScape. Hands down, nothing surpasses at the AoE of this scythe. This weapon has been made to slice, dice and disembowel. It fundamentally changed how people looked at slayer and eliminated the need to get a multicannon for efficient melee slaying.

It inspired the very best melee weapon on Old School RuneScape. A scythe from Morytania dropped by an arachnid boss who can hit several targets simultaneously? It did not fail as a niche weapon. This uniqueness is one of the things which gave the abyssal whip its mythical status. How long do you think it's going to be until we see that a t92 chakram collection? t92 sling? t92 pike? t92 oudachi? I assume it will be a lengthy time. At the moment, the single most unique high-level weapon outside there's the poisonous scythe.

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