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4:11 AM   [20 May 2020 | Wednesday]

They should have added wicked trees back

I had an idea for a mini-boss tree that is. The tree has roots which grow out  winrsgold which need to be sliced to deal damage to the tree and the tree strikes the player in various manners. E.G. roots become spiked coping damage to the player, another root may be transformed to a condition that heals the tree. As well to the participant in a specific area which deal damage as seeds as soon as they burst.

They should have added wicked trees back a long time. Its a fantastic thing for groups of individuals to get together and perform. Its easy and an excellent social event for pvmers and skillers. We need to send this to jagex.Only issue is this would add yet another thing to do every day, and back in the afternoon Dailyscape was a true (annoying) thing because you felt as you weren't being effective if you didnt take part. Might be tricky coming up with a way so that its value doing but you don't feel cheated if you didnt login to do your own daily.

Dailyscape lead me to burnout hard. I felt that I had been training like half my abilities only passively by performing dailies.I actually recently came back into RuneScape and was pretty miserable that Hunter, one of my favorite abilities, is now largely passive via Birdhouses. Would hate to see abilities go that way. Birdhouses are the sole way to train Hunter. It is not great for coaching XP if you are having to level up quick to unlock certain requirements, but it is certainly one way to train it in case you can't be bothered skilling. Having multiple passive approaches could accumulate together to not become passive in any respect, although I don't think it would be bad to have only 1 strategy such as that for a skill.

Why could you not do the birdhouse train and runs with Chins rather, so genuine question? It is not like they made it. There is a great deal of new content that I ignore just because I dont really enjoy doing it. I'm interested why they irritate you. I have a couple clanmates who feel similar about things and I wish to try and understand their point of  cheap RS gold view.

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