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All parts of the modular building are prefabricated

 Modular houses are prefabricated buildings of professional residential type manufactured on site, usually in standard form, and easy to transport and assemble. Some modular residential designs currently include architectural details inspired by postmodern or futuristic architecture.

"Modular" is not an industry term, such as modular residence, residential, paneled residence, or on-site residence. The term is a combination of paneling and modular building systems and can refer to either.

"Modular" can refer to buildings built in components (e.g. panels), modules (modular houses) or movable parts (manufactured houses), and can also be used to refer to mobile houses, i.e. houses on wheels. Although they are similar, their methods and designs are very different. The types of buildings are very different. In the United States, mobile houses and man-made houses are built in accordance with the building codes of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development, while modular houses are built in accordance with international residential codes.

Modular residential units are created and then transported to homes for construction and installation. They are usually installed and processed like ordinary houses for financing, evaluation and construction purposes, and are usually the most expensive of the three. Although all parts of the house are prefabricated, these parts or modules are put together, just like a typical house. Once a building is permanently placed, it is considered to be the same evaluation purpose as a modular or site building.

The houses built are built on steel beams and transported as a complete unit to the home for assembly. When the house is placed on a permanent foundation, the wheels, hooks and shafts will be removed. Modular buildings can also be placed on private land, subject of course to government approval.

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