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The Air Cooler Mould Is Designed According To The Production Materials Used

Injection moulding is a very complicated job. Any slight change in the production process may affect the quality of the product. The volume of the plastic in the liquid state is different from that after solidification. Therefore, attention should be paid to the design of the product details. For example, if the design diameter of the product is 5mm at the beginning, the Air Cooler Mould should be designed according to the volume change that the used production material will shrink or become larger after cooling.

Before injection moulding, strict calculation and testing must be carried out. The air cooler mould cannot be designed just like the volume of the product, thus the product produced is easily unqualified.

In addition to the impact of the material's own characteristics on the products produced, the magnitude of the pressure used in the production process will also have a great impact on the products. If the pressure used is too high, the product may be squeezed too small to be qualified.

If the pressure used is too small, the product may rebound like a spring after leaving the air cooler mould in the future, and the volume will be too large, which will also be unqualified. Therefore, experienced workers are required to control the pressure to a certain level and cannot change it at will. In addition, the speed of raw materials flowing into the air cooler mould during injection moulding and the temperature of various tools will have certain influence on the product.

The injection speed program control injection air cooler mould system divides the injection stroke of the screw into 3-4 stages, and uses respective appropriate injection speeds in each stage.

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