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May 2020

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Possible Effect Of Scratches On Hollow Pin Chain

As a kind of transmission element, the quality of the hollow pin chain is very critical, and its surface will be galvanized in order to ensure it. However, the hollow pin chain will still be scratched in the process of use, and these scratches will definitely have certain influence on the hollow pin chain.

Galvanizing on the hollow pin chain is to play a protective role, and the products will corrode. If there are scratches, those corrosive elements will have the opportunity to increase the corrosion probability of the hollow pin chain, thus affecting the safety of its use. If the scratch is serious, there will be noise and zipper during operation, thus the working efficiency of the hollow pin chain will be affected.

Therefore, we should do a good job in the protection of the hollow pin chain to avoid any damage to the hollow pin chain caused by any factors, so as to affect the normal use of the hollow pin chain. In addition, other undesirable phenomena should be avoided to ensure the integrity of hollow pin chain products.

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