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May 2020

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With utmost integrity and with that unique distinction, proper and inherent to the idiosyncrasy of the Venezuelan woman, that woman who is a fighter and as we Venezuelans say "thrown forward", thus with that strength and vehemence, with that impetus she lives like this and so Johafit trains (weightlifting).
We had the honor of witnessing another achievement of her fruitful and happy life, and that is that on Saturday, December 22, 2018, our countrywoman and invited to this interview was able to graduate in Nutrition and Dietetics at the American University of Panama City. In good time champion, you deserve it!
And the way to celebrate this anticipated Christmas gift, was to go to train in the gym, because if there is something to highlight and clearly in Johafit, it is his severe self-imposed discipline, which has served him to fulfill his established objectives.
She performs her squat like a queen who reigns at will on this exercise, she does it with such an electrifying energy that it overflows and floods the entire environment of the Krav Maga Fitness Center on Condado del Rey avenue of Panama, where she trains. .
Shocking the attitude of this athlete, then I see her going to perform the demanding lunges, I was impressed by her bravery to train and I wondered: “If this way you train for a reason of happiness, how intense would it be if you were angry? I don't even want to imagine it!
Very calmly I waited for his leg training to finish, and then I could develop the pending talk that is the basis of this chronicle. By the way, this is the routine that Johanna Pérez used in that session, she gave it to me, I took a note of it in case anyone is interested:
1.- Smith Squat: 5 sets of 15 to 12 reps, heavy
2.- Lunges, static: 5 series, weighing 15 reps for each leg
3.- Deadlift: 5 heavy sets of 15 reps
4.- Buttock extensions on pulley: 5 heavy sets 15 reps each leg
5.- And to finish what would be the icing on the cake 60 minutes of cardio
While developing his training session, I took my snack to ease the hunger that afflicted those hours of the afternoon.
Once the respective routine is finished and after repowering ourselves through adequate post-training nutrition and having enjoyed a good shower, we look forward to permission to come closer and thus be able to start a dialogue. Already comfortably seated and groomed like a beautiful fitness queen, Johafit invites us to start this interview, which will surely be very entertaining and interesting.
She, with her peculiar happy and jovial way of being, becomes like a shining star and it is from there that we want to take the first steps of this gathering, we want to know how this new international fitness star was born and that today makes her light shine more intensely.
“This never crossed my mind; I started the gym obliged because I was diagnosed with diabetes, little by little with the change in health, I began to love the weights and good food. That in some way is influential or interesting for many people, so I fell in love with being able to share my life change and decided to take it to a professional level. Years later I was curious to know if I could endure a preparation, I did it, I liked it and it became my passion ”.
Since when do you train to compete and what prompted you to be a competitor?
I competed for the first time in 2015 in Bikini, then I made a long rest in search of the change to Wellness, I returned this year in Bikini more convinced and in love with this category than ever.
I was driven by the challenge, I was driven by demand, the methodical nature of the matter… I am a super methodical person and a perfectionist, so it was a challenge that helped me channel many things, not only physical, but personal. I like the Bikini line personally and I love that magic that is felt on stage.
Why do you choose to compete in the Olympia Amateur Medellín Colombia 2019?
In 2017 I went to see and cried internally for not being on the stage, so in 2018 I returned, but in the internal competition of Expofitness, on the same stage of Olympia, but a day earlier. That day I said to myself: "The other year I will step on this stage at Olympia in the best condition I can achieve, that is why I will participate."
In addition, it must be said that it is the best bodybuilding and fitness show in the world, participating in it is already an honor, I also chose to go to Olympia Medellín, Colombia 2019 because the organization is of a perfect level, plus the importance of knowing that you will get to be seen worldwide thanks to the coverage of MD Latino, that stimulates a lot and that not only I say it, but that many athletes have told me.
What do you think that a sports fair like Expofitness will also carry out Olympia Amateur within its activities?
I find it excellent, since this union makes both events take more strength and people can have a unique experience. Get motivated, grow the sport. ExpoFitness is a magical world, I don't miss any.
What do you think of the IFBB Pro League and this option of holding events like Olympia in South America and doing more shows for Latinos?
I think the way they have made the sport grow in Latin America is excellent and I hope it continues to grow because on this side we have plenty of potential.
Note that the vision of the IFBB Pro League is to add, not to divide, it is one of inclusion, not separation, the IFBB Pro League does not sanction, does not pursue and that likes and attracts. I am suspended by the federation for four years for participating in an IFBB Pro League event.
I wonder: "Is it that we athletes are someone's merchandise or property, what are they afraid of, why are many athletes moving to the IFBB Pro League?" It would be good to meditate on it.
Excellent dimensioning made by our Venezuelan champion based in Panama.
In your opinion, what requirements must an athlete who wishes to become an IFBB Pro League Bikini meet?
To be a Pro athlete you have to think as if you already have a card, believe yourself capable of achieving it and of being one. You have to be constant and patient, that makes the difference, anybody does not support 12 weeks to appear in a show, but get off that stage and continue working with the same force for the next, that makes the difference.
Please give us how you are training for Olympia, in addition to your diet and supplementation that you follow for this event ...
As for training, this time we have concentrated on polishing more errors such as shoulders and back, taking away that role that the legs had at the time (without neglecting) basically I train Monday with shoulders and quads, Tuesday back and femoral, Wednesday I train from legs to death; Thursday shoulders, biceps and triceps, Friday back and hamstrings, Saturday for quadriceps and shoulders. Every day I religiously do my 60 minutes of cardio and a little abs.
As for the diet I am addicted to salmon, see that basically my 6 meals are based on salmon, vegetables and potatoes; There are 6 intakes that I do everything according to the stage in which I am working. In supplementation the basics: vitamin C, omega 3, multivitamins and probiotics.
Tell us the name of your coach and how long have you been with him, how has it been, what training system or methodology do they use:
My coach is Alex Marion, better known as “El Papi” and you can find him on Instagram as @ alex_guru74 . We worked on an opportunity in 2014 for the Ciudad Jardín Cup, but my move to Panama made us leave preparation in half. Now we have been working together online for a year. I am happy with his work, he always demands not the maximum, but the following.
It should be emphasized once again that this shining fitness diva will go to the Bikini "C" category in the renowned Joe Weider´s Olympia Amateur Souht America Medellín, Colombia 2019.
A key piece in this preparation for the Olympia Amateur 2019 ..?
The process in this preparation has been different, basically polishing details, minimizing mistakes, so a key part has been my training partner and bodybuilder athlete in the 90 kilos category, Daniel Serrano (Spanish champion athlete ), who I thank for so much motivation and so much willingness to help me give not one last repetition, but 10 more after that.
Names and surnames: Johanna Pérez (johafit)
Date and place of birth: 14/10/1989 Venezuela
Height : 1.67
Instagram: @ johafit14
Facebook: johafit14
Website : JOHAFIT14.COM
Youtube : JOHA FIT
Profession : Nutritionist, Personal Trainer and Bikini Athlete
–Lic. in Social Communication, Universidad Católica San Rosa in Caracas, Venezuela
–Lic. in Nutrition and Dietetics, Universidad Americana Panamá Panamá,
–Certified Personal Trainer
Category : Bikini Fitness C
Off season weight: 67 kilos
Competing weight: 65 kilos
-Participant cat. Novata and open -OPEN PANAMÁ 2015
-1st place CAT BIKINI C OPEN NPC Western New York Championship 2018 
-1st place CAT BIKINI C OPEN NPC Western New York Championship 2018
-Participant Latin American Championships in Costa Rica 2018
A little more de-stressed both for having mitigated the appetite and more focused on this very cordial and entertaining conversation, I wanted to take a step beyond the usual and I began to dive in the deep waters of the very personal ocean of this magnificent athlete, a clear objective to know that human part that many of us do not know about an athlete. Johafit loves the proposal, neither short nor lazy is encouraged, she is delighted at the idea.
She, for the reasons known worldwide by all, had to leave her native land, our Venezuela in order to seek a better and safer life. He currently resides in Panama City.
Since when you live in Panama, how have you been, where do you train ...
I have been living in Panama since 2014, I came to look for a better future. Panama is a country that has helped me grow a lot, especially on a personal and spiritual level, many battles fought, but all in favor of growing and advancing. Currently I am doing quite well, I just fulfilled one of my biggest dreams which is to finish my career as a nutritionist here. I am also a Physical Trainer, so that has allowed me to provide through my brand: Johafit , a more complete wellness service.
Why do you decide to go to Panama?
Because there was more immigration, because it is a Spanish-speaking country and because it is earned in dollars.
You are a famous nutritionist and training advisor, tell us why nutrition is so important:
Nutrition is everything, it is the energy that you provide to each of your cells to function in the most optimal way. If your nutrition is of quality and adequate, your health will therefore be 100 points. It's like magic, I started this with type 2 diabetes (which suppressed my immune system and kept me constantly sick), after doing something as simple as choosing the right foods and portions, my body changed completely: No more doctors no medicine. I always say it was like being born again. "Nutrition is the foundation of everything."
¿ When a diet fails a person or athlete looking X or Y target?
It reformulates and starts again, only those who fail to try fail. Each body is a world and each metabolism is unique, hence the magic of Nutrition to discover what is indicated for each body. There are no universal recipes, what works for my body may not work for another. But there is no failure, it is about rethinking.
Give us some nutrition tips for readers:
The key is in the following:
-Make 5 to 6 small meals
-Get rid of packaging (the more natural, the less processed your food is, the better)
-Always choose carbohydrates rich in fiber and in amounts according to our spending
- Throw away the sausages and canned
-Include healthy fats, but without exaggerating in amounts either
-Drink lots of water
What is the benefit of training in a gym with weights and equipment for a lady?
There is always the fear of the girls of losing femininity, but I guarantee that the weights and the gym will only manage to take their body to the maximum without losing a gram of sensuality, on the contrary, is nothing sexier than a body in tune or not? ? So don't be afraid of weights.
Define the Venezuelan woman in general, the same one that you represent ...
Venezuelan women are "thrown forward", we are dreamy women who are not afraid of anything, warriors by nature, willing to work for their goals, to get ahead, women who do not accept an "impossible", women who assume the Higher risks and without losing that glamor, that simplicity and that smile that makes us unique.
What is fitness for you?
It is a lifestyle, of self-love. For me personally it was living again.
Define me the word Nutrition:
Nutrition for me is magic, where you decide where you want to go and nutrition takes care of everything else.
Answer me these questions:
-A book: The Tunnel, by Ernesto Sábato
-A movie: A Star is born
-The ideal gym: VIP just for me with all the unimaginable machines, full air and stairs for cardio, please!
-A place to spend vacations: Colombia: Guatapé in Medellín
-Panama : Contadora Island
-Venezuela: La Gran Sabana, Los Roques
Who do you thank for the support they have given or give you in your career?
Firstly, to Nancy Yaneth Silva Mendoza, full name so that there is no doubt, my best friend and owner of fitnessclothing507 (sportswear store of which I am the image, my biggest sponsor), this lady was responsible for my decision to return to step on a platform despite the circumstances and he has supported me and has lived each one of these battles as if it were his own. An angel that God put in my way and, who can take away that we will soon see her on stage?
I also thank Julio Maltez, from Ocean Gourmet, who has supported me throughout my career feeding me the best salmon and María Alejandra Núñez, from Quinoa Sure, for believing and supporting her ambassador at all times, God bless me for everybody!
And of course, grateful to each and every one of those who are pending and motivate me, even if it is with a little message because that has incredible value and is what drives you to continue.
Your greetings to all readers of MD Latino and to your family and friends in our beautiful Venezuela
Greetings to all readers of MD Latino from all over the world, let us continue to grow this beautiful sport, always from unity and also a big kiss to my beautiful people from Venezuela.
Your invitation to the public and athletes for ExpoFitness Medellín and Olympia Colombia 2019:
I invite you from February 15 to 17 to ExpoFitness Medellín to join me at Olympia Amateur to fight for one of those 21 Procards with the favor of God. By the way, it is an occasion to wish everyone a happy and successful 2019. Never give up! They are loved.
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