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May 2020

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The creative writing essay


One of the more challenging writing assignments we encounter is the creative essay writing assignment. The creative essay allows us to explore our creative side and let the readers know more about us as a person and our style of writing. It takes a lot of imagination and spontaneity to write a creative essay. This is when we allow our minds to just let ideas flow and our imagination to take over.

When we write the creative essay, we are not limited to a specific topic.  Unlike writing assignments such as research papers, argumentative essays, book reviews etc., where the topic is already determined, with the creative essay we can write about anything. For example, we can write about an experience, a favorite thing, an influential person, hobbies, fictional ideas and more.

The creative essay is often included as part of an exam wherein the student is given a very limited amount of time to come up with a topic to write about. The pressure created from the time limit actually causes the writer to think ‘outside of the box’ and just write from the heart and mind and explore his/her imagination. Given this time constraint, you should be careful to choose a topic with which you are familiar and find interesting so that you can write in an engaging and entertaining style.  While not as rigid as other essay types, the creative essay still must follow the basic essay structure: an introduction with thesis statement, several paragraphs discussing the subject of the essay, and a conclusion that perhaps describes what you have learned or conveys what your audience should take away from the essay.  The reader should finish reading the essay thinking about the significance and meaning of what was written.

You can have fun writing the creative essay; it gives us a chance to share personal views and thoughts and creates an avenue for us to voice our opinions on a certain topic. In short, this type of essay presents a great opportunity for the reader to get to know more about the writer’s opinions, beliefs, and ethics. So, when you write, choose your subject wisely.  Read some examples of creative essays from "help me write my paper" writing service too so you can get some idea of the imagination and style required to write the creative essay.

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