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Because our children worldwide have never been trained up in the way they should go because of religious deception, the end is coming soon, but not in ways the churches teach.


There is but only one True Education of which God Almighty must be the center of; because without Him there would be absolutely nothing. . . . Yet the human race only knows of false education because of believing and trusting in man even though God Himself says: It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man. Psalms 118:8
Only in humility with care for all do I ask you to please think very deeply on those words of exactly where you’re trust lies. In other words just ask yourself this: How much of your own time do you genuinely devote only to God in studies, meditation, worship and prayer? What percentage of a twenty four hour day is God in your heart and on you’re mind?
Were you aware that scripture is meant for our own instruction of life where all of the answers exist as to why life is the way that it is?
Were you also aware that the blame for the very sick world in which we live falls only on
those of the house of Israel whom God called and blessed just as He promised Abram?
The Word of Truth says Only Truth.
And I will make of thee a great nation, and I will bless thee, and make thy name great; and thou shalt be a blessing:  
I will post one of my other writings that will easily prove God’s Truth of who America is in prophecy that so few can see.
It was Israel through obedience to God that was to show the world all of the wonders, joy, health and prosperity that were to be had by anyone wanting to follow God. But what Israel failed to see is that God has expectations that must be met. In other words, do as He says and be blessed, or disobey and be punished with death and destruction. For but two of very many examples of what you have just been made aware of regarding the Truth of God, read Leviticus 26 or Deuteronomy 28.
So why is the world today so full of evils far too graphic for listing?  Would you like God’s answer to that question? Or would you prefer what man says in prideful blindness with no base for the truth of God?
Because our Father or eternity cannot lie, let’s just ask Him.
First all of we need to get His words of truth straight within our own minds. In Hebrews 5:9 the inspired words of Paul read;
And being made perfect, He became the author of eternal salvation unto all them that obey Him.
Now may I ask you a very simple and honest question? How many ways are there to twist those words of truth that were just told you? God just told you clear as a polished diamond that either you obey Him and live, or disobey and die. Now, how hard is that to see accept and believe?
So why is the world past and present such a world of horrors filled with atrocities?
Because Jesus Christ as the author of eternal salvation gave us all a commandment that no one follows or obeys in truth, depth, knowledge or understanding that goes beyond the surface of religious deception with only meaningless words as no defense.  
The words of scripture that you are about to read have been heard by your ears only God knows how many times; but has your heart ever taken in just how serious they are along with the outcome for not doing as our Lord commands us all to do?
Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6
When is the last time that you sat with you’re child or children [no matter what age] and just talked about God? And not words alone from the surface, but a very deep heartfelt conversation of worship and praise with genuine interest far above anything worldly simply because only He as our Father and God Almighty is worthy of glory and honor far beyond what the natural mind can even begin to comprehend.
As you stand together on a clear night while gazing up into the view of eternity while thinking. . . .
There are billions of stars, and God has given every single one their own name. And with that you can ask yourself just what holds those billions of stars and planets in place? Is there super glue that keeps them from falling or crashing into one another?
Or have you discussed with your children in detail any of God’s wondrous powers during ancient times that were to be told to their children and their children’s children forever?
The Ten Plagues of Egypt with water turning to blood, Frogs infesting the land by being everywhere, mosquitoes, flies, diseased cattle, a skin disease of boils, hail, locusts, darkness, and finally the death of every firstborn. Then the waters parting in the Red Sea so Israel could walk on dry ground through a great sea. God also parted the waters of the Jordon so Israel could cross to Jericho. Steel axe head that floats; meal and oil that wasted not. Bringing dead back to life, the rainbow, the sun not moving to keep daylight, God’s fire from heaven to consume an offering from Elijah that put all Baal prophets to shame and then death. David defeated Goliath who was about 9 feet tall with countless battles that God fought and won for Israel when obedient. But when they were disobedient God was not with them, and many thousands died because of their rebellion.
Through the 40 years in the wilderness their shoes never wore out, the manna, water from rocks, God and Moses, the Ark, flood and miracle after miracle all through the word from Genesis to Revelation. 
If there was no God there would be no us, therefore He is worthy of our discussions always.
Because we have not trained up our children in the way that pleases God, we have brought a world of evils upon our own selves. To love thy neighbor as thyself will be part of God’s governing in the soon to come world tomorrow.
Think of it like this. . . .
Your trying to do something important that requires a third hand. . .and your in a bind not knowing what to do. . .then out of no where that 3rd hand appears just to help you from their natural want to always help others. Your mission becomes complete and you’re happy, the person that helped you is also happy as he or she continues on their way. . . You never did know who they were or why they helped you . . .but will one day understand when you see someone in need and for no reason just want to help them with whatever they may need . . . . because that will be the love of God that becomes the way that all of humanity will be in the world tomorrow.
No more hate, killing, stealing, lying, greed, or anything whatsoever that is not as God wants it to be.
And what a wonderful and glorious life that will be. . . .However first comes first as in the bad news before the good news.
God has tried His hardest to teach and warn us all what will happen because of disobedience, yet we have eyes that see not with ears that hear not. Therefore the only way that our loving Father can teach a stiff necked people is by just allowing all that they have done to themselves to come crashing down upon their own heads with the added fuel of His anger against a very disobedient people.
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