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   [07 May 2020 | Thursday]

Dream of the Rapture


The rapture

2004 in my dream I saw a girl in the sky and she was laughing, then she disappeared I asked my husband where did she go.  Then I found myself walking, I saw this little girl standing kind of like on a platform then walked around to the other side, this is when I saw a stairway going all the way up into heaven I could not see the end of it.  The stairs were filled with people they were all dressed alike they had a special glow, about 85% of the people were children.  I was standing on the ground below the stairs, then I turned to my right I saw a man looking at me, I pointed to myself and bowed my head to the man, he shook his head to say yes to me (meaning I was part of the bride also), when I looked down at myself I saw that I was dressed like the other people on the stairs also.  There was a crowd of people who began walking away from the stairs and I found myself walking with them. There were one other woman and about 3 children who were dressed like me and was walking also, suddenly I stopped and gathered them to me in a group, the man I saw earlier came to us he was giving what looks like little graduation caps to the kids, he said to us, I am going to take you back (to the stair leading up to heaven), and when you get there, you will all have new names, he said something and then snapped his finger and we were back on the stairs walking up, but something was wrong I was crying and saying I remember, I remember, he is not here, he is not here.  (My husband was not with the children and I).  In my dream I knew it was the rapture.  But my husband was lost.

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