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Seeking Communion - May 6, 2020

 Will You Let His Peace Have Its Work?


"Peace I leave with you; My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Do not let your heart be troubled, nor let it be fearful." - John 14:27


Will you receive it? Will you let it melt away every worry, every fear, and every stress? Will you let His peace come in, to pour over you oil of healing – into your mind, into your body, into your spirit, into your soul?

Will you let His peace open and close doors? For even when a door is slammed in your face, will you step back in grace, and say, 'I thank You, Lord, for it is Your peace that leads me'?

Will you let His peace have its work? Will you let His peace complete what it was told to do? For He is called the 'Prince of Peace,' and when you encounter the peace, you are encountering the 'Prince of Peace.'

Ask Him to come into turbulent situations. Let Him come and still those storms, just as He brought His peace in the middle of the night, when there were storms bringing a tossing about. One was tossed this way; one was tossed the other way; one was fearful, crying out. And yet He slept, for He knew that He was in His Father's arms, resting on His lap.


When turbulence is all around you, and when the no's become the yes's that you do not want to hear, and the yes's become the no's that you do not want to hear, you stand in peace and say, 'I surrender unto You, Lord.'

Have a heart of submission. Have the will of submission. Learn not to be at war with His will, nor His timing, nor with His ways. But live with peace, and let no man rob your peace. Let them not enter in to your territory, and steal your peace, and bring their turbulence. Instead, let your peace conquer their turbulence.

For He is the God that makes a way where there is no way -- He is the way. He will come with the sword of His Spirit when you are too tired, and He will cut a pathway. He will say, 'Rise up on the wings of an eagle.' And let His Spirit come and rise under the eagle, for you will have the peace of His Spirit, and you will have the strength of an eagle. You will have the sight of the eagle, but the gentleness of a dove. He is not the author of confusion or pain, but He is the Author of love and gain.


Forgive those who have wronged you. Let no man, no organization, no past, no present, no future – hold the key that would hold you back. Give Him back the key. And do not return to the prison of shame, or regret, or the what if's, but hold your head in dignity.



Learn to walk as He created you to walk – with your head held high as you walk in your CALLING in Christ.

Let His peace come. Let His peace settle down the storm. Let His peace draw you unto Himself, and let His peace be the covering over you. For did He not say that He has sent you, and left you, the Comforter.

Let Him comfort you. Let Him cover you. Let Him be the One that gives you dreams. Let Him be the One that sits with you to be the Comforter, so you feel warm and safe and secure. And let Him be the One that causes you to rise up; and tells you when to rise.
For as you learn to rest, you will watch the test pass away, and you will watch the rest sustain you -- Rest in His way.




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