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9:20 AM   [18 Oct 2009 | Sunday]

From The Doctor's Diary- 50- The Fowler's Snare

From The Doctor's Diary- 50- The Fowler's Snare

Surely he will save you from the fowler's snare and from the deadly pestilence. (Psalm 91:3)

It was another day as usual for me. I left the kids at school at 9 am and was travelling to the clinic in my car. Nearing a junction on the way, I could see a fight going on between 2 guys. A couple of vehicles had stopped because of the brawl. Suddenly one of the guys picked up a large stone to throw at the other guy. By this time, I had slowed down and was waiting for the vehicles ahead me to go on. Fearing that the other guy may throw the stone, this guy started running with the other fellow chasing him. As they neared my vehicle, I prayed that the stone may not land on my car.

They ran behind my car and I thought they must have gone the other way, when suddenly the guy who was running fearing the guy with the stone just opened the door next to my driver's seat, sat down and locked the door, shouting at me, "Drive."
I tried to remove the seat belt that I was wearing, but he put his hand over my hand and wouldn't let me unbuckle it. I couldn't open my door and get out because of the seat belt.

"Drive", he said and don't stop till I tell you. Meanwhile a few people had restrained the guy with the stone and was holding him back. "Oh Jesus", I said in my heart, "What is this happening?"
I slowly moved the vehicle forward, thinking of what to do next. No solution seemed to spring up, so I asked him what the brawl was about, but he didn't answer and just kept saying, "Drive" "Don't stop".

I thought he must either be drunk or had some mental ailment. Not knowing what to do, I just prayed loudly, "Jesus, please help me."
As soon as I said that, he retorted,"I am Jesus, I will help you."
That alarmed me and I wondered whether I was dealing with a demon afflicted guy. But then immediately he said, " I am thirsty, I need to drink some water."
Is this Jesus intervening as soon as I called?, I asked myself. And then I said, "There's a restaurant ahead, I'll buy you a drink there. He agreed.

I had driven half a mile already and there was a restaurant to the left of the road. I slowed down my car and asked him to get out while I parked the car a little to the side of the road. He said "ok" but then warned me not to deceive him. But as soon as he got out, I pulled the door shut and put my foot on the accelerator and sped away. Looking behind in the mirror, I could see him run after me for a little while but then stopped, knowing it was a futile exercise on his part.

I just couldn't stop praising Jesus thereafter for the rest of the journey. I laughed, I cried and I just kept talking to Jesus. Now, what was that? I kept asking him. But one thing stands true in all this drama. I called out to my Savior and he delivered me. ASAP- Always say a prayer. It works. Our Savior neither slumbers nor sleeps. Praise the Lord.
Dr.Johnson Cherian M.D.PhD.
All my literature & art work are free for non-commercial use on blogs/webpages.
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ElpidioLGagolinan | Mon Oct 19, 2009, 13:10

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Dr. Johnson, I will be scared too if that happens to me. Thank God , you were not harmed.

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