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How to Market Your Business on YouTube Effectively For Success


YouTube has approximately 60% of the video market share. Millions of internet users visit YouTube everyday. With that many people on YouTube everyday, you would be hurting your success for not looking into YouTube as a way to market your business.

With the above in mind, here are the following tips and steps for setting up your video on YouTube for success:

Make sure your video is under 10 minutes. YouTube will NOT accept videos over 10 minutes. It can not be more 100 mb. For better results, I recommend videos between 2 to 5 minutes long. You do not want to bore your video audience.

If you plan to speak in your video, make sure you have proper lighting and speak clearly into the camera. If you are promoting a product or service, try not to sound to 'sales-like'. Some people get turned off by that. Try to show how your product or service would solve that person's problem.

If you plan to make a slide show, make sure to use good pictures and decent size font in your text. Also, you may want to add a bit of music or record voice as background audio for your slide show.

Make sure to add your name, phone number and website address in the beginning and end of your video by using software like Windows Movie Maker or iMovie for Mac. There are many tutorials online for Windows Movie Maker. Just type keywords "tutorial Windows Movie Maker" in Google.

Steps for Uploading Video to YouTube:

1. Login to YouTube. If you don't have an account, then sign up for free one at 

2. Once logged in, look for 'Upload' at the top of page

3. Fill out the form requesting the following: Title, Description, Video Category, and Tags

4. For Description of video, do the following important steps:

Add your website address as the first line of description.


On the next line, add a description of your business, product or service. Be as detailed as possible. You want to answer a few of these questions: What is it about? What are you going to review? What problem are you solving for the person by using X product or service? Explain advantages and disadvantages.

Add your name and phone number. You may also want to add AIM, MSN, Yahoo Messenger or Skype screenname if you would like to be contacted by one those messaging programs as well.


Add related Keywords to describe your business, product or service. For example:


internet marketing

network marketing

home based business

work at home

business opportunity

multi-level marketing

make money online

5. Submit your video to YouTube.


6. Share your video with others in your same field or industry.

If you follow the tips suggested and the steps for uploading your video, you will receive plenty of visits to your videos. This will in turn bring you potential leads to your business. 

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