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Lies, greed, hate, corruption, blood, death, truth and reality as it truly is.



The word lie or liars are of most interest to any open mind simply because this whole planets population lives only in a world of egotistical power hungry lies, cover-ups, half truths, greed, hate, blood, death, corruption, rapes, tortures, beatings, murders, sexual perverseness with false education, false churches, false government, and false light while actually being within a world of darkness lined with atrocities which are by fact extremely cruel acts beyond words. Just picture a little eight year old girl being sexually assulted beaten and buried alive why asking yourself how such horrors could ever even happen.


 The system of justice in the United States is nothing but a poor joke that drains tax dollars while only creating its own world of hardened criminals that are being released daily in worse and more unstable conditions than when they were first incarcerated.


Because all media is controlled, the news that they call breaking is not even worth dust to be swept under a rug. If they were not brainwashed and on a leash you would clearly know with understanding the thousands of news stories that are about to drastically change every form of human life on planet earth into living nightmares.


However, with the majority of people today worldwide there is so much ego with puffed self pride that even if the truth were to somehow escape its chains within the dungeon, very few would believe it. After all, does not everyone already know everything?


Do you realize that a good percentage of readers have not made it this far because there was no worthless trash gossip or major breaking news about something ignorant as some celebrities private life, death or another political lie? And that’s all that politics is, is a big game of lies.


When was the last breaking news report on the fall of America with the worthless dollar, marshal law, concentration camps, cremeatories, massive grave sites, FEMA plans, chemicals in the air for mind control, home security plans and the plans of high ups worldwide too see the crumbling of the what was once worlds super power?


When was the last breaking news of the billions of deaths coming over the following years?


When was the last breaking news reports of the coming cannablism with mothers boiling the flesh of their own children due to the famine because of the worlds religious lies that have been taught and believed by hundreds of millions who worship lies and liars over God’s truth?


There is but only one antidote for the world’s human race population which is knowledge with understanding. Good and bad, right and wrong, truth or lies all equal either love or hate.


All one needs to do is only take one close look at the realities of the world yesterday and today to plainly see that we as the human race have chosen the ways of hate over the ways of love, and God has shown me well just how the worst of hypocrites begin right in churches with near 18 years of studies without ever being a church member.


All of their love is but words of lip with selfish hearts that God plainly sees. Ask one for a quarter and they will call you a scam artist. Tell them of goats and sheep according to Christ, and they will call you deranged and a child of the devil.


Tell them that God is love, therefore He is not into the business or barbequing babies for eternity and that Lazarus and the rich man is but a parable, and hell is the grave with the  lake of fire only punishment to burn dross from your life, they will only hate you for truths that they refuse to believe due to the lies of man that have clogged their perception of truth even though God warns them all of the spirit of error and the doctrines and traditions of man that make their worship as reprobate. The secret rapture is just another man made fairy tale that hundreds of millions will come to learn the hard way.


All of the breaking news was written thousands of years ago. And now, as you read these few words, it is all coming to pass exactly as it was written. Want insight from God?  Read Deuteronomy 28 and Leviticus 26 to see how God blessed the USA just as He promised Abram. However, because we became a reprobate nation of disobedience, He has been removing those blessings for the past 60 years. We are now about to begin our free fall to total destruction; and that my friend is a fact according to God who cannot lie.


And truth my friends is the last thing that anyone wants to hear, therefore it causes hate, division, confusion and judgment within Satan’s world of today.


The paper money in the United States of America says “IN GOD WE TRUST” Yet we as a nation have cast him totally away from our lives with that same bill having the all Seeing Eye and pictures of the twin towers burning with the words NEW WORLD ORDER”


If God is not your life’s priority you have thousands of gods before Him, even though the First Commandment reads “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.”


Welcome to the world of religious deception. God gave Ezekiel a message to deliver and told him that he would be hated. My life is Words of God, therefore my life belongs to only Him for His will. So your hate I humbly accept because I only want to warn you of what is something sure that will not change.


Nuclear WW III is coming in the Middle East once America has already been destroyed.


We are deep into the times of the end, therefore my suggestion to you is to open your Bible with prayer from your heart for knowledge with understanding of God’s truth.




 “THY WORD IS TRUTH” just told you to come out of the churches of today.


 “He that has an ear let him hear what the spirit says unto the churches.”






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