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The truth of the coming fall of the United States of America

I in no way try to write words with intents or hurting or upsetting people. What I simply do is state truths that are not breaking news, or taught in higher education, or even mentioned in churches. . . . yet the breaking news is from God, and it was written thousands of years ago, and is very strongly coming to pass exactly as it was written. When you become close to God within your heart, He reveals so much truth that you begin to see the world and human race from His viewpoint, and with that all of the greed, lies, destruction, pollution, murders, and atrocities that would require a massive library just to list with details. So where are we now?  Within the time of the end of the human race and this world as we have come to know it.


Don’t ever believe those who claim to know it all, yet know nothing. . . America is about at its final end with the rest of the world following in suit according to God.  Want truth? Read on. Don’t like what sounds bad? Than stop now, because truth is not the smooth lies that are preached in churches to keep the congregation happy and paying their tithe’s.


Nor is truth the lies that governments worldwide tell all populations, nor is truth what controlled media reports. Want truth? Believe God and not man or those who will tell you a million smooth words of bs just to please you. People, because I care about you. . . .Its time to get real with preparation of heart and mind, because regardless of what you may think, or what you may say, or what you may do, nothing is going to change, and the United States of America is certainly not going to repent, after all, we don’t even know who God truly is, because if we did our once great nation would not be the center of the world for crime, abortion, sick pornography, drug use, homosexual government  and more.


With all of the world horrors that are all around us each moment, who really gives any thought to the uncountable horrors happening somewhere to someone every moment?  Can your own mind even handle the sadness of a child being sexually molested, tortured, and murdered?  How about the unbelievable amount of innocent woman worldwide being violently beaten and raped right now? And I mean right this very second!! What about males and females of all ages being used for only sick and perverted sexual pleasures of sick minds everywhere?  Why is there a whole world full of just suffering little children that did not come into this world by choice?  And with that will have to live within the worst nightmares ever imaginable to the human mind that are rapidly approaching to destroy them and their existence! Being that few may give a little thought, or a short surface prayer for many sad and sickening hurts within the lives of others, but by them is any thought ever given to the multi thousands of extremely terrible things that are just the normal lives of so many hundreds of millions worldwide that go totally unknown by others? And often when happenings are witnessed or known by strangers, they are just left alone as in “not my business,” so the suffering just goes on, and on, and on. . . .Until lunacy, death, or just brain dead becomes the sad reality in ones life from so many years of just plain sickening and disgusting happenings that would make you vomit all within out of your body.  Care to know something?  I see the world just as it is. I also see human beings in the same way, meaning just as they are.  I am a man with about 18 years of owning a Bible, with about 18 years of also trying to gain much understanding of all that it says while never being a part of any church . . .  for a reason. . . .God’s reason . . .to use me for His truth.


What do you feel that you know about God?


If your answer to that question comes from what you have learned in church or from word of mouth of friends that go to church, you, my friend, are in darkness.


Do you know that it is God who chooses people? And not people, that choose God?


Think about it. Look at Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, Jeremiah, Isaiah, Paul, Peter, and an endless list of names over thousands of years. . . .God saw something in each individual that pleased Him . . . . and that something was called a heart, a heart that He could work with. In other words it was not a heart of self arrogant pride, but a heart with care for others and humility towards God in His ways over the ways of man kind.


For many years there were different times that I tried my best to become involved with a church, and that is because all that I wanted was a totally new life with a group of like minded believers that were all of one accord and part of an active body of Christ. However, God has always kept it from ever happening for His own reasons with a purpose. And that reason is because I only trust Him, and I only believe Him, therefore to all others that love our Lord with their lips and not their hearts, I have become as an outcast with improper knowledge, or for many churches that are nothing but ice cold liars and financial institutions. In short, if you’re broke, they don’t want or need you. . . .and that is a fact from experience.


Now I ask you one very simple and very honest question. . . . .Can you handle truths that you need to know, yet don’t want to hear or believe?  Would you not rather understand realities from God’s point of view rather than what man says in his blind, greedy, and arrogant ways? 


Would finances and the economy be of any interest to you?  Again, want truths that you just don’t like? Welcome to the realities of our unseen creator of the whole universe. What He says is this;


Destruction, destroy, destroyer, destroyed, pain, suffering, death, and more horror’s than the simple and deceived minds of today can even begin to comprehend. . . .yet all the truths are right in the Bible that few deeply study as seeking silver or as searching for hid treasures, and those who claim to be anointed ones only think that they are. Pastors and ministers are exactly as God says they are. The blind leading the blind.  Some churches only want your money while all that God wants from you is your heart with obedience . . .rather than the worthless lip service that dominates the Christian world of today.


Paul says to prove all things. So challenge your preacher to show you where in the New Testament the words of God say for the followers of Christ to pay tithes. It can’t be done.


Want another challenge for your church leaders? If you have number value understanding, ask to see the church financial books, and by rights, and being in one accord and part of the active body of Christ there should be nothing hidden from you nor any questions or hesitation in answering your request immediately. I say no more.


Do you believe in seatbelts?  Well if it’s truth you want, and truth that can easily be proven to any open mind, a seatbelt you will need, and that is a promise of truth, just as prophecy according to God is truth.


Here is one additional fact that is important for you to know. If you like to consider yourself as one who trusts in God while putting no confidence in man, that alone makes you special and rare because understanding God requires much humility with a submissive heart that only God knows. In other words, if it’s only His truth you want, it is because He is drawing you. John 6:44 says it like it is.


So what does that mean?  It means that you are much more likely to believe truth than a regular church goers will ever will. Do you want to know why that is?  Want details?  At this time I shall spare you the truths of why the world is on the brink of annihilation with over 27,000 nuclear warheads in very unstable hands worldwide. Are you ready to click your seatbelt now?  Let the ride begin. . . . .


A NEED TO READ!!!   Never let anyone tell you that they are anointed, or a pastor, a minister, a brother or anything other that what God plainly says to those whose brain waves from Satan has not been corrupted through churches that he controls. . . .so says God. In other words seek God with all of your heart because only Him can you trust. Psalms 118:8


All of the words that your about to read are truth, because God is truth. You will also read some of my own words for a flow as in a novel to arouse your interest, however, what I say, as you will see by my study at the end, is backed up with exactly what God says.


A firstfruit is one who strives with everything that he is [heart, mind, body, soul] to live his own life just as Jesus Christ lived His. One who prays without ceasing, one who fasts, and one who obeys by taking part in the same feasts as He did, rather than all of mans pagan days like x-mas, easter, sunrise service, halloween, and many others that have nothing to do with God’s ways or the Bible. One who has all of his heartfelt thoughts on things above where God is on His throne of the Universe, rather than on anything here on earth. One who knows that he will be marked as bad, or a judge, or a fool, or just plain an idiot, or just not liked at all.  One who is willing to give his own life for God’s will if need be. One who wants to pray for many, so turns to God for a lead as in who to pray for. One who fights Satan twenty four hours a day while always praying for more armor, strength, love, faith, and spiritual increase. One who sees clearly what few others do, one who barely gets by, yet still thanks God while always being a man with God on his mind with a Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible, Bible Dictionary, Bible Handbook, other books, different Bible versions, and prayers to God for clear understanding. 


 If you stay with this writing thru to the finish, I can promise you with God as my witness, that your spiritual education will increase, and if you follow your Spirit of God through humble obedience rather than human pride that knows all, you will be spared from all of the rapes, murders, tortures, starvation, diseases, thirst, slavery, prisons, captivity, and pains far beyond the words of description regarding just what you will witness in the most sickening and massive acts of death, destruction and cannibalism that have ever been since the creation of man!! So Says God and not me!!


(And don’t be fooled or misled by all of mans false doctrines, because the resurrection is only for firstfruits and past men of God in their graves at the last trump, which is when Christ comes to set up the kingdom of God.) Prior to that. . . What you witness will just totally blow your mind all to pieces along with breaking your heart so bad that by choice it will stop beating just to give you the peace of death over drowning in the unstoppable rivers of tears filled with agony and unspeakable despair.


For me to write what you just read hurts so bad that I am thankful to our Lord for giving me His own words with understanding to “Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.”


We are all now living deep into the last days that shall come down on a blind mankind like a massive roaring freight train speeding wildly out of control while pulling a payload of destruction with nothing that all of the foolish wisdom of mankind can do to even get it under control, let alone stop it.  And when it hits hard, and soon it will, while spreading horrors of terror with massive chaos on a society totally unprepared, totally ignorant, and totally blinded to their own corrupt government that lies, steals, and hides all true knowledge of their hateful and greedy power hungry ways behind the backs of multi millions of people. The corrupt government has been making ready for this time to come for decades now, while not knowing that God was involved through written prophecy thousands of years ago. As you read these words of pure honest truth, there are already within the borders of your own land of the free 800 concentration camps already within, terrorist cells already within, and over a million in foreign military power already within, crematories already within, and FEMA with the military will be the prisoner roundup squad by huge mega name lists that your name could be on, because according to Bush, if your not politically correct, you are an enemy.  


Bush was a workman for Satan with the job of bringing America down by financially breaking it. He was but a man controlled for the destruction of the USA. Then came Obama who was put into place by the same big people behind the scenes that are behind the New World Order. Obama is nothing but a controlled puppet in the strings of the powers of Satan.


And when it arrives, that’s all that will be needed for the slow, long burning, and very painful nitro fuse that will ignite more blood and death than this world has ever before seen spread over a two and a half year period for the deaths for 200 million people with the remaining 100 million being captured alive and sent to prison camps worldwide. And in that capture, your children will be sold as slaves just for the sexual pleasures of sick men worldwide. Let’s get real now, have not some American soldiers raped little girls in Viet Nam, Iraq, and in between also? Were you aware that many high ranking men in the US military are just getting out because what troops are ordered to do to innocent women and children just makes them sick.  It's nothing directed at all soldiers, it's just like anyone else because there are good and bad people everywhere in all walks of life.

We live in a very cruel world of hurts that only the kingdom of God can put an end to. with His laws, with His government based on the Ten Commandments


And when the part of pain and destruction is complete, what follows will be one full year of God’s anger with wrath on the whole planet earth just to show who He is as God of everything seen and unseen. AMEN!!!!!!!


What’s the cargo for payload on board this mammoth killer called The Freight Train of Death?


Perhaps a million blood thirsty killers called foreign soldiers mixed with some American ones, and you name it, because if it can kill or destroy, it is on board. Chemical weapons, Biological weapons, Nuclear weapons, Hand weapons, Guns, Tanks, Missile Launchers, Tools for Torture, Chains, Guillotines, and just every single weapon than the evils of man kind has ever invented will be used. Just do a study on tools of torture while asking yourself. . . .What if you were to be one of those victims described? You best wake up now!! 


So now you know the cargo, so what’s the payload?

Death, destruction, pain, and sorrows with no end until the return of our Lord Jesus Christ.



 The End of America Grows Closer Each Day.  Only Fools Are Blind Too Truth. To Be As Job Is The Only Way Of Survival Because Of You’re Complete Faith With Trust In God Almighty.  F8B27&index=3   The saddest truth of reality you will ever hear.  With more millions of deaths than your own mind can even comprehend. Yet we live within a nation and world full of scorpions that choose not God’s truth, but rather false teachings along with what their own minds find easy to accept.


Now it’s too late, therefore pray for the minds of Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-nego; because even though they knew they were about to be thrown into a fiery furnace, they kept their faith in God. . . . and He delivered them from the midst of the fire. Read Psalms 91 and think with you’re heart.   Plastic coffins

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