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How can you Enable or Disable your Norton Product Tamper Protection

Norton antivirus is a package of advanced software programs. All the features provided by Norton antivirus have a specific role in preventing malware threats. Today there are several harmful malware lurking around your network and device to harm your device and data. Norton Setup Enter Product Key is like a guard that ensures that no malware can enter in your device. Norton has an advanced feature known as Norton Product Tamper Protection that ensures that no virus or hacker can make any changes on Norton.

How to activate Norton Product Key?

Downloading and installing Norton antivirus via the internet is very easy. But make sure you are installing an activated Norton plan on your PC. Activation of the antivirus ensures that your antivirus plan is fully genuine and provides you all the features. Before you go for Norton online purchase; make sure your internet connection is smooth or secure. 

  1. Open you web browser and search for Norton antivirus

  2. You will see a list of antivirus plans on the screen

  3. Now click on the Norton plan you want to install on your computer

  4. You will be redirected to the billing page

  5. Now fill all the details like your country, language, region, etc

  6. Enter your email address

  7. Fill your credit card details

  8. Now click on the Buy Now button 

Wait until the process gets completed. Open the web browser and go to the email account you have provided while buying Norton plan. You will receive an email from Norton. Click on the given URL. It will start installing on your computer. You will get a EULA page on the screen. Read the EULA and hit the agree and install button. Now enter the product key for completing the activation process. Now restart your PC and click on Norton dashboard. Navigate to system scan and remove all the existing malware from your PC.

 What is Norton Product Tamper Protection?

Norton Product Tamper Protection is a built-in tool included on Norton 2006 and later products. As you know antivirus is installed for protecting the device and data. But various malicious programs and hackers can change the setting on the antivirus. Any kind of unnecessary change on the security software can harm the antivirus as well as weakens your device protection. Norton Product Tamper Protection features specify that no one can make any kind of changes on your Norton antivirus without your concern. 

How to disable Norton Product Tamper Protection?

Norton Product Tamper Protection is enabled by default. You should not make changes on its setting as it can be harmful for your device. But sometimes this feature can create conflict with other programs while running or installing. Disabling Norton Product Tamper Protection temporarily can help in fixing the installation process:

  1. Open Norton dashboard and go to settings option

  2. Navigate to administrative settings

  3. Now click on Product Security

  4. You will get a toggle button

  5. If you want to disable Tamper protection then turn it off

  6. If you want to enable Tamper protection then turn it on

  7. For disabling; set the time duration

  8. Now go back to settings and click on finish button 

Restart your PC and install the program you want to install. After completing the installation process. Open Norton dashboard and enable Norton Product Tamper Protection immediately.


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