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Our Lord God Ammighty

Because genuine brothers never argue, but instead through love strive to prove all things so as they can become in one accord, there is nothing wrong with differences in beliefs as long as only God is the center. On my side is this; Hell is the grave, there is no secret rapture, the whole world has been deceived other than who God calls. Lazarus and the rich man is a parable, therefore mistaken by almost all for its meaning just as very many other words and verses all throughout the Bible. And that is why we are to study to show ourselves approved unto God. In other words, nothing is for nothing. If we want wisdom and knowledge with understanding, we have to earn it, and Proverbs chapter two tells us exactly what we must do, yet only about one percent of the lovers of Christ through words less heart do as He says. After all, it is He that is the author of eternal salvation, but only to those who obey Him, and very few there are that exist for the will of God rather than their own. Christ came to do the will of the Father that sent Him, and He left us with an example to follow. But who really does? Oh, I am saved, so those words are not meant for me is the low mentality of teaching in the churches of today.


Now within the world of those who love Christ in only words have true colors as scorpions getting ready for their attack because of the last thing they want to hear which is; Thy word is Truth. Amen my friend.


The more time that passes by within the life of a person that has God deeply imbedded within their heart, the more that they need from God because of what their gain in knowledge with understanding has taught them. In other words, the more that we learn about our creator, the more ignorant we can feel, because in truth, what are we but creatures that He created? What do we have other than what He has given us? Absolutely nothing, because God is everything!


God and His innumerable creations have no beginning, nor is their any end. We live on a unique planet within a galaxy full of awesome wonders and beauties that are totally beyond the full comprehension of the human mind. Yet God that created us all has thus far only allowed us to use a small percentage of our brains capabilities compared too just what our actual potentials really are depending on our growth through humility towards our almighty creator.


For a human being with the normal interests of life and its surroundings, there is no end to all that is just waiting to be explored, discovered, learned, seen, used and enjoyed whether it is within the ocean depths, atop the highest mountain or just anywhere ones thoughts may travel.  


When ones mind takes into consideration earth with all of its known content along with the universe, we as human creatures that were created by the same God are nothing but 6.8 billion of the smallest dimensional organisms known too that the highest powered microscope is required just to view us. In other words, and in truth, those of us who do not fully abide in Christ are as nothing, so says God in John chapter fifteen.


Yet we as God’s created creatures don’t even really know Him. Our lips and words may claim different, but our thousands of other gods before Him just plain say it as it is because no one lives their life according to His instruction that is written from Genesis to Revelation.


God hates pride, yet the pride of man already may dislike the writer of any words that are not in total agreement with their own thought patterns. The pride of man refuses knowledge because he already thinks that he knows all that is needed. The pride of man is ego and better than others. The pride of man is self while lacking what God looks for the most within us all that is called love, which so very few have, that it is hard to find.


God tells us never to judge others, for if we do, He shall judge us in the same way. Yet all that we do is judge others while uplifting our own selves because that is just another part of our way of life that goes fully against our creator. What is so sad is the fact that God very clearly informs us of all things that can affect our lives, and our eternity, yet almost no one can understand what He says let alone even see it because almost no one does the things that He says to do all through the Bible which is a book of instructions for us all to learn from.


 God demands humility and our respect through obedience. Yet we as a human race that He created choose not to be ruled, therefore show no respect through obedience to all that He commands. The fact is, we show more respect to whom He says not too trust, which is man. So what do we do? We go to church to learn the doctrine and traditions of man which God says not to do! Then we hate and judge the man that God has chosen to use for getting His message of truth out! Then when you’re told of the scorpions in Ezekiel chapter two, you hate even more! While judging even more harshly! And with that claim just how much you love Christ while ignoring His own words directly to you saying; This is my commandment, That ye love one another as I have loved you.


 God is a God of love, therefore He demands the same from the creatures that He created, yet we are a very hateful race of beings that have been lying killing and stealing from each other for the last six thousand years with no end in sight. . . So God, out of love, is about to allow the end to come . . . which will be our own destruction that we have created ourselves coming down upon us all as the worst suffering that has ever been or shall ever happen again, and our Lord God Almighty gives such clear details of what is about to happen to the entire human race that it should make you sick with vomit and tears of fear that will drop you down on you’re knees in search of the true God that you have never truly known which is because of where your heart actually is. You know nothing but all of the religious deception that has been stuffed into your mind all through your life, therefore you are about to be totally blindsided while becoming just another statistic within the rivers of blood, starvation, diseases, tortures and more horrors than can even be written. . . . and here and now I tell you a truth, yet you believe not . . . yet I do as our Lord God directs . . . because your sub-conscious will soon be bringing back everything you have read to the surface when your living within while witnessing the horrors described. 


Were you aware that when God is the subject of discussion the majority lose interest? There are more arguments, more ill feelings, more judgments and total lack of love which is everything that God teaches us not to be like through His words that no one even follows. And those who do follow His truth become the most hated and persecuted by their own brethren who have been deceived just as God said. And it is those few who become like Ezekiel trying to deliver a message to scorpions that refuse truth that is only told them because of genuine care. So no matter how much I become hated, it matters not, for when we live for our Lord and not ourselves, we become one of His little flock in Luke chapter twelve verse thirty two. Amen


I have been banned from or totally ignored in four Christian web sites while being labeled as a scammer because I have nothing and through faith have come to many brothers for only the crumbs that the parable of Lazarus describes. I have also been called a child of the devil. These sites love Christ in words, but just like most all, they hate truth and the love of Christ towards others. Where I am at in life with absolutely nothing is exactly where God wants me to be, and that is because I am His student that has learned well to never trust in man for anything, but only Him as our Almighty God that we are to live for according to His rules, ways, and laws of government based on the commandments.


All that don’t follow Christ with their hearts will soon find themselves within the horrors of tribulation lacking God’s favor. Pleas read Psalms 91 just for a thought of where you would like to be, and don’t ever say that you were not warned in truth through sincerity.  





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