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Likes are indispensable for your website

Search engines look very strongly at an interaction on social media, in other words: is there talk about your website, services and / or products on social media. With Facebook, the likes for a website are very important, they have even become indispensable. Websites with a lot of likes are seen as important and they affect your position in search engines like Google and Bing.

What is alike?

The word 'like' means that people find your page on Facebook or the message (s) you have posted important and interesting. The word like cannot be completely translated directly to 'like'. For example, when you share a less pleasant item, fun is not appropriate. That is why you can better translate it as 'I find this interesting'. When someone likes an item you share or finds your page interesting, he/she can indicate this by liking it. Contacts of someone who likes can see what that person finds interesting.

Number of likes is a piece of advertising for your website

Suppose you have two identical Facebook pages. Both look neat, have the same subject and the content is interesting to read. However, there is an important difference. Website A has 5 likes and website B 250 likes. In which Facebook page (and the website linked to it) would you trust the most or which of the two Facebook pages do you value the most? 9 out of 10 people would choose website B, purely because of the number of likes that are displayed on a Facebook page. The number of likes is therefore also a piece of advertising!

More likes make for more fans

Several studies have shown that when your Facebook likes to increase, the group of people who follow your page on Facebook will only grow. This group also includes people who have not liked you yet. It is well known that when people see that something is important, they easily follow it. So what you see in real life can also be seen digitally.


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