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Religious people of the world today

There are always discussions that are of some interest to the parties involved because the subject that starts with only two has the potential to be of much interest to the hundreds of millions it could very well soon reach.


 I have some understanding of realities that many are totally missing, especially all churches with their man made doctrines and traditions Gods warns against that they call religion while completely lacking the love that Christ gave to us all as a new commandment in John 13:34. 


 I am 54 and have about eighteen years in the Bible while never being a church member or attending, therefore I trust only God, and by His lead have come to learn via living in poverty for years that all religious, saved, born again lip lovers of our Lord Jesus Christ are but a different form of the lowest cold hearted cold blooded un caring cruelest people that I have ever met. I am the victim of an old head injury in which a tiny portion of my brain was removed, and with that some other health problems.


In December 2006 I left the USA and came to the Philippines, and for about three years with studies, prayers, and faith in God I have written thousands of words with scriptures and my simple needs because of zero income to an uncountable number of pastors, ministers, reverends, brothers in Christ, churches, teachers of the Bible, Christian web sites and even more all to be hated, judged, not liked, called a scammer, a liar, and just every action that there is which goes completely against what God is. . . which is love. My Bible is in pieces, worn out, taped up and marked up like a well used road map. I do love God very much simply because He created the entire universe and knows all things including every individual’s thoughts at this very second along with your hearts intent before even you know.


What is about to happen is a hundred million church goers including a whole nation of people are about to get blindsided with the truths of God's anger that they have never been taught. No rapture, just rivers of blood and more death than the human mind can even comprehend all the way to the point of mothers boiling their own children’s flesh to keep themselves from starving to death. . . and the true situation of all things that are about to happen get much worse.


The media is controlled, government is controlled and people are controlled, are you also one of the controlled ones? Or are you as I am which is not liked by all but still has a truth that needs to be gotten out while there is still time? And very little time there is. Surely you are quite aware of what is actually going on within the United States of America behind the backs of all citizens . . . or are you?

I simply am trying to do what Ezekiel did in chapter 2 verse six which tells me clearly why I am so hated. . .But amen to that because the more I am hated the better that I am doing for the few with ears to hear as we live in a society of mostly worthless individuals with the most corrupt government on planet earth that people are actually stupid enough to trust and vote for.


The clock is ticking tic tock, tic tock with the deaths of millions growing closer with every tic tock. . .



Along with my situation in life here in the Philippines the US Embassy has proven to be just more very worthless people where any genuine care or concern for others becomes the issue. Because of them my balance owed to the Philippine Bureau of Immigration that was once zero in August of 2007 is now up to 53,000 peso that I owe and will never be able to pay. I even worked with immigration myself to get a wavier [iou] so that the embassy could fly me back to America just for a short term job welding. . . but they finally said after two years that I was unqualified because I married a Philippine woman.


So here I am with no income and my immigration fee growing at 1,500 each month, and the US Embassy, just like church people that have kind surface words with no proper intents of their hearts that God can see.


This whole world is now deep into the process of the times of the end of man ruling man because this planet that was once pure and beautiful has become one massive grave yard with deaths, underwater junk yards in the oceans, ruined soils, bad air and enough weapons and nuclear weapons to completely kill every living creature on earth. I don't know about you, but I would just as soon see it all come to an end rather than having to live within a world of greed, hate, lies, murders, rapes, child molesters, perversions, tortures and a never ending list of truths that would just make you want to vomit your guts out and die. . . .



Now because I have mentioned money, even though I ask for nothing, I will be banned from this web site just as others. Welcome to love of God from all sites and all churches that have preachers living high with people in their own congregations being hungry. Paul says prove all things . . . ask your preacher to show you where in the New Testament the scriptures show that you are to pay tithe; because it can’t be done. How do you think God feels about a nation full of fancy very high dollar church buildings that serve no purpose within a world of billions starving and dying of illness due to lack of medications?


The blind has been leading the blind right into the ditches of suffering until death, and He has told you all many times. . . . yet human pride only blocks His truths. . . thereforethose who say how much they love and serve our Lord don't even know them through their murder and hate they spread so very well; and they don't even believe the words of who they claim to serve in 1 John 3:15, and all who have no love for others have not God for God is love. 1 John 4:7-8


Welcome to reality and a world of false brethren.


In All Sincerity,





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