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Four best designs for custom gift boxes

The custom gift boxes are thought to be the most extensively used packaging solutions in the world for gift cards as well as other items that are to be sent as an offering to the loved ones. They are said to be the best because they are highly customizable, and they can be altered and modified in any shape and size according to the need of the items that are to be packed in them. The following are the five designs that are known to be the best and popular most among all the customized cartons. 

This use of cardboard boxes as gift card packaging is as unique in the same sense as the uniqueness of purchase experience while shopping by use of greetings tokens. These containers are also important due to the fact that handing over a simple card as a gift will never be enough. You always have to add values to the tradition of giving a gift by the use of appealing packaging. These containers help in adding values to the present and making it visually appealing. You can utilize the following styles of containers for presenting your greeting cards in an optimal way.

Kraft boxes

There is no doubt that visual matters, no matter what your gift item is. The visuals of the cartons are the only effective way that can be used to make these cartons stand out among the rest. Kraft boxes are not an exception when the goal is to enhance visuals of the card. This sort of container is made up of high-quality Kraft stock, which works perfectly for creating a perfect feel while holding in hands.

These containers are manufactured in a design that includes a lid on top with insert for holding the cards. You can also customize the finishing and printing of these containers and personalize the interior and exterior according to your needs. You can use these as your primary packaging solution for various occasions as the occasional designs fulfill the requirements due to the superior functionality.

Rigid boxes

This style of custom boxes is also effective for use in the presentation enhancement of shopping cards. These containers are made up of high-quality materials like cardboard, which is durable in nature, and you can utilize them in packaging your cards in the best way possible. The durable nature of these containers makes them perfect for storing the cards and making them protected, as these shopping cards are made up of PVC or sometimes, paper stock; hence, these are highly venerable to falling to the damage by any external force exerted on them. 

The rigid nature of containers makes the cards better protected due to high stacking capacity and also enhances the embellishment as this packaging style feels premium and luxurious. The exterior of such cases can be customized in any desired texture and color. These containers can also be customized for greetings tags with special wishes printed on the exterior of the box. This can help you in creating a sense of extra joy for the beholder as he/ she reads the printed wish on it.


This is also one of the most widely used packaging solutions for these shopping cards, as this style of packaging is unique in the building style as visually more like a wallet. These are perfect in their use in the presentation of the gift due to the level of customization that can be done on these cases. These are the perfect solution for the greeting tags that are to be sent on a certain occasion. They can be decorated with the use of custom printed graphics and illustrations, which accommodates the theme of that such occasion. The color scheme on these slipcases can be selected wisely in accordance with the theme of the festival is vibrant and sharp palettes. The printing on these cases can be done in high quality for creating better appeal. 

Tri-fold cases

This style of packaging is also like the slipcover for the cards, but the folded area is more than that of slipcase, and you can make use of the extra surface for printing any desired graphics and wishes on them. This can also help in use for Christmas greeting tags as you can make the use of the extra surface for getting Christmas related graphics and written wishes, which can help to create a better sense of joy for the beholder of the present. Such secure packages not only keep the present protected but also give the impression of how much you care about the person whom you are offering it. The sense of protection is as much stronger as the sense of love is. 

These four designs for custom cardboard boxes are the best of all. They are flexible and can be used for a number of items. With a little alteration to their inner design, they can be used for delicate gift items as well. 

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