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7:08 AM   [08 Mar 2020 | Sunday]

Hotel Search

 By now most of us know about accommodation comparison sites like or Google hotels, which seem to offer rock-bottom hotel prices year-round. But what you mightn’t know is they’re sometimes best used as a research tool rather than the ideal place to book your accommodation. Instead, consider using them as a way to find the cheapest hotel prices at your required destination and then try the hotel's website to see if booking directly will save you money. Keen to avoid paying extra on your hotel reservation? How do you go about finding cheap hotels, like $200 for a five-star hotel in New York City? This guide, from, gets into the best ways they find cheap hotels and accommodation deals. The easiest way to find a great deal is if you can have flexibility with your travel dates, this can be tough if you have a definite date, or are restricted with limited time off from work.

Booking last minute is a risky option and almost always never works out. In our opinion, never wait until the last minute unless you have to. When you see a great hotel rate months in advance you should book then, some websites will let you change your booking if a better price comes up.

One of the best rules for booking cheap accommodation reservations is to ensure that you are booking as far in advance as possible. It doesn’t apply to all travelers, especially the more adventurous people who like to set off without a destination in mind, but if you know where you need to be and when you need to be there, get straight to booking. Some suggestions booking further ahead than four months out doesn't shave much off the price. Just remember, the closer it gets to the date you need your accommodation the more likely it is you’ll end up paying a higher price. Most hotel reservations made on give you the option of free cancelation, up to 24 hours before check-in.

Using hotel comparison sites is a great research tool, they are your friend, and can save you money. They display the best Find hotels, including luxury hotels, apartments, boutique hotels, budget hotels, and hotel deals. Every time I ever book a hotel, the first place I go to is, Kayak, Hotelscombined, and Momondo. Not just one, I go through all of them. Sure, that takes extra time, but it’s worth getting as much information as you can before booking accommodation. Comparison sites such as those are the best places to get an idea of what’s available at what times and how much the average room rate prices are.'s Hotel Search is an online search engine for comparing and booking hotels and airline tickets worldwide. The service instantly displays the best hotel options and prices based on your destination and travel dates. It provides searches via a series of options including destinations, airports, departure/return dates and, guest reviews. There's also an option to simply see the lowest hotel prices for your destination. The upside is it's never been easier to book a room just about anywhere in the world. 

When it comes to researching hotels and accommodation, user-generated hotel reviews are one way to check what to expect from a hotel stay before completing your online reservation. Unfortunately, you can not try before you buy, but user-generated hotel reviews are an incredibly useful and informative tool for travelers. Only personal recommendations from friends can be considered more reliable. For more travel news and inspiration, check out today!

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