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How should mattress protector be screened?

 In winter, it is a good chance to change the bedclothes in the bedroom. The choice of bedding, bedding, pillow and cover is closely related to human health. Bedsheets, quilt covers, pillowcases and bedspreads, these mattress fabric are the face of modern beds.

The well-designed and high-quality bed fabric will not only give you a decent appearance, but also a free mood and an experience of sleeping at night. So how should we screen for so many quilts with beautiful designs and comfortable feel?

First of all, the color of the bedspread must be coordinated with the color of the room and furniture. For example, the milky yellow wall surface should be equipped with a light brown bedspread with decorative patterns, and the brown furniture can be equipped with warm color bedspread such as reddish, which will make people feel beautiful and lively.

The bedroom with larger space uses the bedspread with light brown and large flower pattern, which can reduce the feeling of emptiness. The light orange bedspread used in the old people's room can make people feel refreshed and happy. Newlyweds should choose bright and strong color bedspread in their room to add festive atmosphere to the room.

If the owner of the room suffers from hypertension or heart disease, it is better to spread a light blue bedspread to help blood pressure drop and pulse return to normal.

For those who are prone to impatience due to unstable emotions, the bedroom should use a green bedspread to relax their spirits and relieve their nervousness. In winter, when the temperature drops and the weather is cold, the color of the bedspread should tend to warm, and thicker fabrics should be selected in texture.

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