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6:20 AM   [19 Feb 2020 | Wednesday]

Why Choose us to Translate documents from English to Chinese


Are you in search of someone or a company that’s authentic and great to translate your documents from Chinese to English? If this is true then you’re at the right place really. This is a modern era where access to knowledge and everything has become so easy to get as it was not so easy and accessible before. If you have found some great book to read or found any article in another language you can not understand until you don’t know the exact language in which the article or book is published, you would have to face much difficulty in this situation. You try to find someone to translate documents or books from foreign language into your native Chinese language on the internet. We are here to provide you with the services for Translate your documents from English to Chinese. One question that will arise in your mind why to choose

Professional Translators

Do-Transl has a professional team that serves 24/7 to translate documents, books, articles, blogs, assignments, quiz, journals, applications, educational documents and many more, from English to Chinese and vice versa.


With an experience of over 5 years, the professional team has worked with almost thousands of clients and have served them to translate their almost 15,000 files from the English language to Chinese, and from Chinese to English.


Exclusive proofreading


To translate English to Chinese language, documents always want someone to proofread and remove the errors in order to ensure the quality of content. It’s the first and foremost duty of Do-Transl professional translators to translate documents keeping in mind the grammar of both English and Chinese language. After translating documents and files, our proofreader’s team performs the job to remove every hidden error.

Reasonable Prices

One reason for why you should choose Do-Transl to get your documents to translate English to Chinese is that we offer reasonable prices with quality work that makes us stand out from the bunch in competitive translation Companies. We offer very reasonable prices to translate your documents from English to Chinese.


Here are the packages,


   Words Count


No. of Gigs of Fiverr

Click here to order!










Note: For 120 words you should select 1 gig before order, but if you have more than 120 words, you should select the gigs according to your words count.


Revisions for Translated Documents


Do-Transl not only provides you a good quality translation service, i-e Translate English to Chinese and Chinese to English but also provides you revisions for the documents you feel unsatisfied. After delivery of your project from Do-Transl via Fiverr, you can send file back to our experts to do revision according to the requirements. Revision offer is only for one time. But, we are ready to do revisions of your document until you get fully satisfied.


Professional communication Team

Without professional communication, no Industry can excel. And it’s a pride of us that Do-Transl owns a Professional communication team, very friendly, cooperative and expert in both English and Chinese languages. You can contact us using which language you are expert in. Feel free to discuss the project before ordering, or you can place the order directly. You can also connect with us through Facebook Page to discuss the order.

                                 So, what are you waiting for?... Let’s do it!

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