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Choose the right stepper motor for your application

Step and Direction Step and Direction 
These drives accept step pulses and direction/enable signals from a stepper motor controller, such as a PLC or PC. Each step pulse causes the motor to rotate a precise angle, with the frequency of the pulses determining the speed of rotation. The direction signal determines the direction of rotation (CW or CCW), while the enable signal turns the motor on or off. Oscillator Oscillator 
Stepper motor drives with a built-in digital oscillator accept an analog input or joystick for speed control. 
These systems are generally used in applications requiring continuous motion rather than position control, such as mixers, blenders, and dispensers. Stand-Alone Programmable Stand-Alone Programmable 
All of these stepper motor controllers can be programmed for stand-alone operation; the motion control program is created with a simple drag-and-drop high-level software interface (included free), then downloaded and executed upon power-up. The motion control program typically waits for an input such as a switch closure or button press before executing the programmed motion.
High Performance Stepper Motors 
These digital stepper motor driver offer advanced features such as self-test diagnostics, fault protection, auto-tuning, torque ripple smoothing, command signal smoothing, and anti-resonance algorithms. Some drives are stand-alone programmable, while others offer step/direction and analog inputs. High-performance drives will provide the best possible performance for your motion control system.
These are brushless electrical machines which rotate in fixed angular increments when connected to a sequentially switched DC current. When alternating current is used, the rotation is essentially continuous.
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