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 "Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus." - Philippians 1:6

Anytime that you are living outside of your calling, it is like being enslaved to the very thing that you are living according to at that moment.
Listen to what God says to you when it comes to your identity ("Christ in you the hope of glory" - Colossians 1:27). The voice of the Lord is over the sound of many waters and breaks the cedars of Lebanon (Psalm 29:5). It is time to get out of where you are right now, and step into where you are supposed to be.



In Habakkuk, it says to make the vision simple and plain. However, we often make it complicated and convoluted, with a lot of details that are probably from our own wants and desires. When you make it simple, you have a framework and it is adjustable and allows for an alternative destination.
Joseph had a dream, but ended up at a completely different place than where he thought that he would be(Genesis 50:20). But just like Joseph, in the alternative destination, you will find grace and favor. When you allow yourself to be put into that alternative destination, there is favor, provision, and safety and grace for where you are and where you are going.

Many of us are in an alternative destination right now. We are trying to figure out where it is we are supposed to be and where we are to go. But where you are looks different than where you know you're supposed to be, what you're supposed to be doing, and what you're supposed to be going towards.
Jonah was supposed to go somewhere and deliver a message, but he didn't want to. He ended up in an alternative destination (Jonah 2:1-10). Being delivered from where you are at is as simple as doing what you were originally asked to do.



If you are stuck right now and feel like you are going through difficulties, the key to your breakthrough is repentance, living the life that you were meant to live, and doing unto the Lord what you are supposed to be doing.

God is not done with you yet. Where you are right now does not dictate or determine where you will finish. If there is anything about you that is contrary to the divine identity within you, God will bring it into perfection through and by His love.
Live! Live the life that you were meant to live. Live to the high calling that's been placed upon you, and live according to the destiny that is on your life today.



There is a preparation time that has to take place, growing in maturation in the things of the spirit and in the natural. They are like the young David, anointed to be king (1 Samuel 16:1-15), but right back to the fields taking care of sheep. This generation was anointed and called to greatness before its time and we've been in the fields, tending sheep, and fighting off the bears and the lions. But God says, "If you cry out to Me and return to who it is that you are supposed to be and repent, you will find grace, favor, safety and provision for where you are right now and where you will be going."

It is time to speak to your ruins! It is time to speak to the dry bones that are in the valley of your soul and life (Ezekiel 37:3-14).  Prophesy that they shall live again and that the breath of the Lord shall be upon them. It is time to prophesy that muscle, sinew, tissue and organs shall be upon them again, and that they shall breathe, once again.

Live! Live the life that you were meant to live. Live to the high calling that's been placed upon you, and live according to the destiny that is on your life today.




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