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4:31 AM   [30 Jan 2020 | Thursday]

A Look at Different Types of Cat Breeds

 Over the years, cats have almost certainly taken care of their own breeding regimes. Cats were mainly used for hunting and killing of small rodents, such as rats and mice. Through the years man has began to breeds cats for our liking. Taking a closer look at cats you can actually see the different types of breeds available.

You could find approximately 70 different types of cat breeds which in turn can be identified in the cat registries. Some registries only list around 40-50 breeds as some non-domestic type cats such as the tiger are not included.
Some Japanese breeds go back considerably in history, such as the Japanese bobtail cat which goes back over 1000 years. Going back to medieval Japan these cats were extremely common, now days they are instinct and unknown to the world.
In North America the most common cat breeds such as the alley cat, long haired cat and Persian could be found. The Persian cat is very popular due to its warm loving nature, these type of cats can be extremely expensive, but well worth it most expensive cat breeds.
Alley cats are very common and are made up from several different breeds of cat and we usually refer to them as alley cats. These cats also make good companions and there are thousands in existence today. Cats are well known for their breeding habits and tend to breed more than any other pet. There are probably thousands of alley cats breeding on the streets that are homeless, but still continue to breed.
No matter which breed of cat you choose - you're sure to get a pet which will make for a great companion for years and years to come.
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