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2:23 AM   [14 Jan 2020 | Tuesday]

Learn About Yoga Breathing - If You Want to Have a Good Laugh, Read These Myths!

 As I am devoted to the research of yoga, I found several common myths that people believe about yoga... some of them are simply laughable. However, it is important to acknowledge that as they become ingrained in our society as true beliefs, they may deter people from experiencing -- and deprive them -- of one of the most beneficial known science for the overall health of the human being.

I will not go into details to "debunk" them, so please make a conscious effort to use the resources I provide to you to get the "real" facts and learn about yoga breathing. I will list four of the most common myths among many:

1. Yoga is only for women: This is probably the biggest myth of all. In some parts of the world the majority of yoga students are women, but, the fact is that Yoga offers something for anyone who wishes an effective method of physical, mental or spiritual development, and should not be thought of as a discipline reserved only for women.

2. You have to be extremely agile to practice yoga: I cracked out laughing on this one! It is true that some yoga postures are a bit difficult to perform, and require an agile body. However, when performing yoga postures, you should try to do them to the best of your capacity and you should not worry whether you look like the picture in the book! Besides, "Yoga Breathing" does NOT require any contortionist skills.

3. The physical side of yoga is the most important part: This could not be farthest from the truth. Although the practice of yoga postures is the most commonly known aspect of yoga, it is not the most important part. The foundation of yoga lies in the observance of principles such as not harming others, acting in the spirit of welfare, known stealing, known accumulation of excessive physical wealth, viewing all things as an expression of Consciousness, purity of mind, contentment, and selfless service.

4. Yoga is a religion: there is a stereotype that seems to persist despite evidence to the contrary is that yoga is a religious following; and that to experience its many health benefits somehow obliges one to renounce their faith or, worse, run away to some commune and eat tofu in between chanting sessions. The science of yoga is nothing more, and nothing less than harassing the power of human attention and using it to benefit the body and mind. It is an approach to life, here and now.

There are many more like these, and maybe I will share them with you in the future, but the fact remains, "Yoga Breathing" is probably the easiest and most effective aspect of the whole yoga science to prevent - and attack - many ailments, both physical and emotional ones.

When you take the time to learn about yoga, and yoga breathing in particular, you will start to demystify these incredulous myths yourself, and begin to gain a level of consciousness that will guide you to make better choices for your mind, body, and spirit.

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