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Dofus Beta has arrived

Your panel will be limited, as will the range of courses available. Make sure that you're guaranteed before you start gaining levels to love your personality! Everyone can not afford to take some time off to perform Dofus Kamas. A 200 rush on Nabur (or Droupik) will require weeks , even for optimized groups!

Perform as you want, without hurry. Ensure you Dofus Kamas, gear, buddies, dungeons and also have fun, amount 200 will come after! With only 1 or 2 hours of play every day, you will have memories that are excellent and a fantastic progression! As on two. XX, they are vital for making dungeon and gear keys.

Mix preferably 2 trades, using the opposite,Buy Kamas Dofus Retro  or a craft craft, for the beginnings. This will allow you to recover some resources to mount your trades. The most well-known combinations are the Farmer / Baker, Lumberjack the Miner or / Bow Sculptor / Jeweler! Also create other characters (5 MAX on 1. XX servers) to push the limit of trades from 3 to 15 (Get your first trades to level 50 before starting to perform the same on mules). Don't hesitate to arrange to learn and synergize!

As soon as you've got a project, collect! There are no tiny benefits and by reducing the number of items available on the market, everything ends up being useful to someone! With few Dofus Kamas, every Zaap signifies a hole in your budget! Walkand be as stingy as possible!

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