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Maintenance Skills of New Ro System Component

The Ro System Component(KOKOELECTRIC) has been widely promoted and used in water purification equipment. Due to the high demand for drinking water in the production of drinking water, the drinking water industry has developed rapidly in the market. Therefore, the production of drinking water enterprises is the most important task for the maintenance and maintenance of production equipment. Now consider the maintenance and repair techniques for the new reverse osmosis system component.

1. Thoroughly rinse after installing the new reverse osmosis system components to completely remove any impurities, solvents and protective solutions remaining in the system.

2. When the water is used for drinking, it should be rinsed for at least 24 hours.

3. Start and run the system. The concentrate valve should remain fully open before the system is started. After the system is started, the concentrated water valve can be gradually closed to achieve the set recovery rate. It is strictly forbidden to start the equipment when the concentrated water valve is closed.

4. Do not close the valve on the production line at any time during system operation (including pre-start, normal operation, flushing, and chemical cleaning of the system).

5. Before the high-pressure operation, low-pressure flushing is performed by a soft start mechanism or variable frequency speed regulation to discharge air.

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