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Tap Filter & Shower Filter Are Products Requiring Long-term Maintenance

When the Tap Filter & Shower Filter(KOKOELECTRIC) are first used, there are still some matters needing attention. Every family uses a large amount of water every day, including drinking water, cooking, cleaning, bathing, etc.

Problems that should be paid attention to when using the tap filter & shower filter for the first time:

When installing and using tap filter & shower filter for the first time, be sure to pay attention to activation. Turn on the faucet and let the water flow out for 10-15 minutes to activate. Generally, it is operated by the master who is responsible for installing the door. Pay attention to the installation. During the use of the tap filter & shower filter, if no one is travelling at home, please pay attention to the closing of the water valve at home. After returning from a business trip, leave tap water for 2-3 minutes before drinking. The tap filter & shower filter mainly have filter elements. If you find the water flow is too small or the taste is not very good, remember to replace the filter element. The time for replacing the filter element ranges from 6 months to 1 year.

The most intuitive way to choose tap filter & shower filter is to determine the model based on instantaneous water quantity. A water purifier larger than 1.0 tons/hour can be called a central water purifier, and a direct drinking water tap filter & shower filter smaller than 1.0 tons/hour. The water yield depends on the volume and diameter of the water outlet, and the instantaneous water yield of the water outlet is usually larger. Service ratio, pre-sales service for installing tap filter & shower filter, according to different water quality, different channel design, different room size, and other factors, we should give more perfect purchase suggestions, ask about the use effect after installation, and then make improvements according to customer requirements. Tap filter & shower filter are products requiring long-term service. When purchasing, consider whether there is a stable after-sales service department in the locality. In the process of water purification, the water purifier will produce wastewater. Heavy metal elements in wastewater usually exceed the standard several times, so the wastewater discharged from washing clothes will harden. Used to wipe the floor, floor tile damage; Even if flushing toilets is not possible, it will corrode ceramics. This may be used to wash vegetables; Therefore, the cost of production wastewater has really increased.

The tap filter & shower filter are likely to leak due to various reasons during use. There is no need to panic to meet this problem. This is not a quality problem. No matter what brand of tap filter & shower filter will inevitably leak. When encountering this kind of problem, it is better to communicate with the manufacturer.

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