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12:42 PM   [21 Oct 2019 | Monday]

Heat Dissipation Is The Key to Public Lighting

First of all, for public lighting(CLASSICLEDLIGHT), heat dissipation is the key. Because the heat is not effectively conducted out, it will affect the service life of lamps and even cause a fire. At present, other industrial and mining lamps in the LED market adopt centralized heat dissipation, which results in poor lamp performance and reliability.

Secondly, for the factories, warehouses, workshops and other places where public lighting is applicable, insufficient lighting is easy to cause accidents. Through secondary light distribution design, public lighting can concentrate limited light on effective working faces. The three-light distribution modes can not only meet different lighting requirements but also ensure sufficient lighting in factories, warehouses, workshops, and other lighting places. More can enhance the uniformity of lighting, improve the utilization rate of the ground, save energy; It can also reduce light pollution and light intrusion, making lighting more comfortable.

Public lighting differs from traditional light sources in the following points:

1. The traditional lighting source has always failed to break through the energy consumption caused by electrodes and filaments due to its own technical defects, thus affecting the service life of the light source; However, because there is no filament or electrode in the bulb for public lighting, the life of the lamp only depends on electronic components, and the general life can reach 60,000-100,000 hours, thus realizing a long life.

2. Public lighting has remarkable energy-saving performance, saving 80% energy than ordinary incandescent lamps, 60% energy than metal halide lamps, and 20% energy than ordinary energy-saving lamps. 85W public lighting replaces 150W metal halide lamp (high-pressure sodium lamp). Under the same visual condition, comprehensive energy saving is more than 60%. Installing the same number of lamps and using public lighting can reduce the current of the output circuit by more than 4 times, and the capacity of the transformer is also greatly reduced.

3. Since the working frequency is as high as 2.65MHZ, there is no stroboscopic light at all, which will not cause eye fatigue compared with traditional light sources.

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