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12:05 PM   [16 Oct 2019 | Wednesday]

US Department of Energy Encourage Investment in Energy-saving Public Lighting

For many years, the U.S. Department of Energy has been advocating "green" energy-saving public lighting(CLASSICLEDLIGHT) technology to cope with the global climate situation and U.S. dependence on foreign oil. In 2013, US Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz announced an investment of 10 million US dollars in development projects to explore and support energy-saving solid-state lighting. The resulting project investigated the performance and complexity of light-emitting diodes and their contemporary use in large-scale infrastructure.

The Director pointed out that although the use of LED technology in the private and public sectors has increased tenfold, the cost of LEDs has decreased by nearly 54% due to improvements in LED manufacturing technology. We are living in a "perfect storm", which makes it an ideal time to consider the widespread adoption of LED public lighting alternatives and the large-scale migration of our national infrastructure to this cleaner and more environmentally friendly lighting method.

The efficiency of modern light-emitting diode technology is about 7 times as high as that of old-fashioned traditional lighting, and its service life is as long as 25 times. Light-emitting diode lamps consume only 10% of the energy required by incandescent lamps, less than half of the most common compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) today. In the eyes of a government trying to promote sustainable infrastructure and reduce carbon emissions, LED public lighting is obvious for large-scale investment.

Over the past decade or so, the United States has invested heavily in the research and development of light-emitting diodes and has invested capital in the manufacture of light-emitting diode technologies in an effort to reduce costs. In May 2015, the U.S. Department of Energy awarded nine other research contracts for the development of LED and solid-state LED core technologies. Recently, the successful conversion of Portland and Detroit from high-pressure sodium lamps to new light-emitting diodes has been reported in detail, which continues to enhance the positive impact of light-emitting diode investment.

As more and more cities and municipal authorities invest in clean, low-cost and energy-saving lighting, the future of the United States does look bright.

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