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Reasons for Uneven Color in Chair Mould Processing

When we process the Chair Mould(FURNITUREMOULD), we will often cause defects in the products due to some inattention, thus affecting the efficiency of injection moulding. Next, we will briefly analyze the problem of uneven color in the processing of chair mould.

During the processing of the chair mould, in order to make the products have more abundant colors, we will add a proper amount of color mixing materials to the raw materials. However, due to one reason or another, there will still be an uneven color. So, what are the reasons that lead to the uneven color of chair mould processing?

1. The colorant does not diffuse well, which often results in patterns near the gate.

2. The thermal stability of plastics or colorants is poor. To stabilize the color tone of the parts, the production conditions must be strictly fixed, especially the material temperature, material quantity, and production cycle.

3. For crystalline plastic, try to make the cooling speed of each part of the parts consistent. For parts with large wall thickness differences, the colorant can be used to mask color differences. For parts with uniform wall thickness, the material temperature and mould temperature should be fixed.

4. The shape of the part, gate form and location have an impact on the filling of the chair mould, causing chromatic aberration in some parts of the part, which should be modified if necessary.

When we are working on the chair mould. If the above four points can be well controlled, the color of plastic can be well controlled and the probability of color difference can be greatly reduced.

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