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12:19 PM   [22 Sep 2019 | Sunday]

Development Status and Future of LED Street Lights Manufacturers

According to the latest news, the utilization rate of LED street light is getting higher and higher, so whether LED street lights can replace traditional lights depends on whether the comprehensive performance of LED exceeds that of traditional light sources, whether it has long-term cost-effectiveness, and what is the current development situation and future of Led street lights Manufacturers(CLASSICLEDLIGHT)?

1. The difference between LED street lights and traditional street lights.

Different from LED landscape lights that have been widely used, high-power road lighting requires a wide coverage, a large amount of light projection, and high uniformity and heat dissipation requirements, which are the most difficult areas for directional LED research. Compared with traditional lights, LED street lights have different characteristics in four aspects.

(1) Light structure. (2) Efficiency. (3) Light color. (4) price.

2. The application and development status of LED street lights

(1) The threshold of 1)LED light products industry is low, and the quality is mixed. The material bidding mode that won the bid at the lowest price makes it difficult for high-quality products that do not have price advantages to be shortlisted.

(2)LED products are faster than the new ones, and the products of different manufacturers are not compatible with each other and cannot be exchanged, which makes the later maintenance more difficult.

(3) The testing standard is not mature, and there is no authoritative standard testing method for LED products, which makes it more difficult for us to select high-quality facilities.

(4) Most products need to be replaced with whole lights, and the maintenance cost of a single light is about 10 times that of conventional lights.

(5) In recent years, LED street lights have been invited for bidding for many times in succession, among which the number of successful bids has reached 11. The main reason is that the parameters of manufacturers' weight lights fail to pass the testing by authoritative testing organizations, which has seriously affected the promotion and use of LED street lights.

3. Prospect of LED street lights in the future.

Overall prospect: Although LED has been limited by color and luminous efficiency for many years, LED has been favored by users due to its long life, high reliability, low working current, compatibility with TTL and CMOS data circuits, etc.

The breakthrough point in the development process: First of all, support from industry policies are needed to formulate unified labeling and specifications to solve the problem of the interchangeability of clients. Secondly, we should solve the problem of improving lighting efficiency. The third is to control costs. Only by controlling costs can the advantages of cost performance be realized. The fourth is to ensure the working conditions of LED and the cognition degree of power supply technology.

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