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Precautions for Using Water Filter Cartridges

There is a water purifier installed in the house so that you can put the water directly from the faucet by cooking and cooking. Usually, you only need to prepare some small bottles of water to carry out the exercise, saving a lot of trouble in buying water and storing water.

The quality of drinking water is now worrying, and the installation of water purifiers in home kitchens is an inevitable trend. Although the installation of a water purifier guarantees the quality of drinking water, the cleaning and cleaning of the water purifier itself is also very important. It is generally recommended to change the water filter cartridges once every six months. Of course, the specific conditions should be based on the actual use of the Water Filter Cartridges(KOKOELECTRIC). Consider as appropriate.

Regardless of the type of water purifier, pay attention to the use: First, avoid direct sunlight. Because the sun will breed blue algae, the second is to avoid the heat source. If the water heater is too close, long-term baking will affect the life of plastic parts.

After the installation, the user who used the bottled water originally made the bottled water, so that the drinking water is safer, more convenient, and saves money. But here to pay attention: First, often do regular drinks to ensure freshwater. Second, the first time the water should be used before the water is used to clean the barrel.

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