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WoW Classic players have increasingly begun to abuse the layering system

World of Warcraft Classic has been in full form for over a week and most old-school gamers have been able to take their collective trip down Nostalgia Lane to experience it by now. But the game hasn’t been without its issues.A Blizzard developer working on Classic posted on the game’s forums today, however, saying that some of those issues aren’t really a big deal. In fact, the developer went so far as to say that the community may have blown the entire ordeal a bit out of proportion.

“Each time a player moves to a new layer, there will be an increasing amount of time before that player can move to another layer. If a player moves between layers multiple times over a short timeframe, the cooldown can increased to a duration of several minutes (or longer) before they can change layers again. The cooldown will then decrease over time for player who don’t change layers.” If you want to Buy World of Warcraft Classic Boosting, we can give you a very low price, welcome to buy.

While there is no cross-realm play in WoW Classic, Blizzard have used layering for the game’s launch. Layering separates the server into layers – effectively multiple copies of the world for players to occupy – which the developers felt was necessary for the game’s launch, so that the competition for the limited resources available in each zone for quests and other activities wasn’t too extreme as thousands of players joined simultaneously.

The debate around the legitimacy of layering abuse has raged not long after the launch of WoW Classic. More and more players are exploiting the system by changing layers on the same server. Players using this exploit can finish quests faster, or worse, quickly farm herbs or mineral veins. Blizzard addressed this issue in a forum post on Thursday September 5th, downplaying the impact of layering abuse.

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