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12:33 PM   [05 Sep 2019 | Thursday]

Factors That Lead to Large Differences in Public Lighting Prices

At present, public lighting(CLASSICLEDLIGHT) on the market is becoming more and more, and the prices are also uneven, which makes the buyers dazzled because the surface is almost the same. Compared with other lamps, LED public lighting fixtures have outstanding advantages: energy saving, long life and environmental protection. However, the quality of LED public lighting varies greatly, and ordinary people do not know how to choose.

What are the factors that cause the difference in LED public lighting prices?

Today I will show you how to choose LED public lighting or to identify the quality of LED public lighting:

1. Look at the overall “power factor of the luminaire”: the low power factor indicates that the driving power supply used and the circuit design are not good, which will greatly reduce the service life of the luminaire. The power factor is low, and the life of the lamp using the lamp bead is not long.

2. Look at the "heating conditions of lamps - materials, structure": LED public lighting heat is also very important, the same power factor lamps and the same quality of the lamp beads, if the heat dissipation conditions are not good, the lamp beads work at high temperatures, light decay It will be very large and the life of the lamp will be reduced.

3. Look at the "bead quality": the quality of the lamp is determined by the chip quality and packaging technology. The quality of the chip determines the brightness and light decay of the lamp bead. A good lamp bead is not only bright, but also light.

4. Look at the driving power used by the luminaire. The service life of the power supply is much shorter than other parts of the luminaire. The life of the power supply affects the overall life of the luminaire. The theoretical life of the lamp is between 50,000 and 100,000 hours. With a life span of 0.2 to 30,000 hours, the design and material selection of the power supply will determine the life of the power supply.

5. Look at the light effect: the same lamp power, the higher the light efficiency, the higher the brightness, the same lighting brightness, the smaller the power consumption, the more energy saving.

6. Look at the power efficiency. The higher the power efficiency, the better. The higher the power consumption, the smaller the power consumption of the power supply itself.

7. Is it to see if it meets safety standards? China's LED lighting safety standards have been introduced, please select LED lamps according to the national safety standards.

8. Is it fine to see if the work is fine?

A good quality LED public lighting, in addition to the above-mentioned several major aspects, but also according to different use environments, there are different technical requirements, such as moisture, dust and so on.

In short, a good quality LED public lighting is a perfect combination of high-quality driving power, good heat dissipation conditions, high-quality (chip) lamp beads, and compliance with safety standards. Emphasizing only one party can not be called a qualified product. For a penny of goods, when buying LED public lighting, we must not be confused by the price, we must carefully and carefully optimistic about the various parameters, various details, choose a good lighting.

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