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12:39 PM   [05 Sep 2019 | Thursday]

Ideas and Solutions of High Temperature for LED Public Lighting

The high temperature of Led Public lighting(CLASSIC) will affect the service life of LED lamps. The industry believes that the lower the better, so the life of LED is inversely proportional to junction temperature. The higher the balance temperature, the lower the life. The radiator is designed to dissipate heat, so long as its temperature does not exceed the temperature it can withstand. The key is the temperature of the chip. The heat generated by LED public lighting should be quickly conducted to the radiator to achieve the effect of rapid diffusion and dispersion.

Six Solutions to High Temperature of LED Public Lighting:

1. Super-thermal conductivity: Micro-groove group composite phase change cooling technology has super-thermal conductivity, its thermal conductivity is 10,000 times higher than that of aluminum substrate. This technology can timely send the heat of the LED chip to the infinite heat dissipation surface. The thermal conductivity is greater than 106 W/(m*℃).

2. Supercooling capacity: the heat flux of heat extraction has reached 400W/cm2, and its capacity is 1000 times higher than that of water cooling and about 100 times higher than that of the heat pipe. The heat extraction capacity is 100 times higher than forced water cooling and 1000 times higher than forced-air cooling.

3. No power consumption cooling: passive heat dissipation, no fan or water pump, no energy consumption for cooling, no power operation, and energy saving. MGCP technology ingeniously utilizes the healing energy of the high-power power electronic device to evaporate the heat taking medium to generate kinetic energy and potential energy, the vapor flows to the condenser to release heat and condense into liquid, and the capillary force of the micro-groove group of the heat taking device and the gravity of the liquid return to the heat taking device closely attached to the high-power power power electronic device, thus realizing a closed heat dissipation cycle without external power.

4. Light weight and small volume: the weight is less than 25% of the existing radiator, and the volume can be as small as less than 20%.

5. High reliability: the device is simple and compact, stable in operation, has no startup problem, and is much more reliable than fans, water cooling, and heat pipe radiators.

6. Low cost and environmental protection: the product cost is lower than that of fans, water cooling, and heat pipe radiators; Phase change working medium is environmentally friendly, with little consumption.

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