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11:30 AM   [01 Sep 2009 | Tuesday]

Reponse to Tithing Post

I first want to say thank you for your courage and conviction for your rendering of the tithe system. I think it also makes for a book of some short. One of the issues and topics over looked in the tithe system relative to the new testament priesthood is as you pointed out that there are no reference's of Jesus tithing vs. paying taxes. However in  account of Jesus paying taxe's, he is performing a provision of supply as directed by God for taxe's because it is not a need of the Church ( the four wall church) but the need of goverment to have supply or resourcse's for their operations. Same as you pointed out relative to the tithe system being the source for the operation of the  Worship system for the Church.

Also  in this account Jesus is not  operating in the Title of the then known five-fold ministry gifts or priesthood per say. But Jesus is operatiing in all Gospel's vs Espitle's as King accordingly to Mattews geneology as King.  Why did God reveal to Mattew this geneology of Jesus as King frist in revelation and then  cause it to be recorded as the first of the Gospel's. Only because Mattew himself  understood money as collector and one  who occupyed the market place.

This is why Jesus did not recruit anyone from "the Priesthood" but from the Market Place's. All of the disciples were not forn the priest , but from  the Market Place's.

Summary: Jesus  first recorded Gospel is that of King. As Jesus has called us Priest and King's according to Rev 1:5-6 so we are to occupy dual Indentities and  dual office's. And as such have an economy available to us unmatch by the world with dual systems of operation's accordingly to our known understanding of the stewardship. 

The Five-Fold Ministry is for the perfecting of the Church (in the walls) unto the indentity of the Kingship or sonship indentitiy of the believer for the purpose of going into all the world ( market palce's) for where Jesus had been occupying and performing the provision and meeting needs for even fishermen whom was struggling in thier business's till Jesus came along Only to show them that if they could change their paradigm of looking for people first vs. fish , they could experience a greater ecomony of success when mending the need's of people.  As Jesus is the self aluminating need and deed at hand of the kINGDOM of God operation's.

It is priest that go to God on behalf of the people and the Prophet (precher) that go the people on behalf of God. It is the King ..Sonship that go the world(market Place's) as both Priest and Prophet.

We all are called as Priest, Kings and Prophet in Christ Jesus and thus have an Economy to distribute.

God Bless

Arron Lee

Response to Tithing Post

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ArronLee | Wed Sep 02, 2009, 02:09

this user is offline now

Hello and thanks for reaching back. How are you and hope you had a great day, this Monday.  Its about 1:00 am Tuesday and just woke up to read mail. I have to go back and see what you are referencing. Please give me a mark to your response and I will certainly respond promptly.

Also I would like to know about your wonderful Church and Apostle and what is going on in your neck of the Kingdom. If you have not already viewed my ministry ,please take a moment and aquaint yourself with and  These media ministries are fairly new which we continue to build them to reach the Body of Christ in the Market Place.

I recently sent you a friend request and would like for you to  confirm receipt. I appreciate and value your time as well as honor your ministry of the Word of God. Please continue this ministry. I look forward hearing and sharing your ministryin Jesus name.

Gods Best

In Christ

Arron Lee

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