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12:10 PM   [29 Aug 2019 | Thursday]

What Is The Most Suitable LED Public Lighting for You?

Led Public lighting(CLASSICLEDLIGHT) products have many features, we have summarized the following points to help you determine what is the best LED public lighting for your reference.

1. The best LED public lighting uses higher power LED chips.

Today, in order to reduce costs, some LED public lighting manufacturers use a large number of small energy LED 0.5W LED chips. However, this small energy LED has a very bad light decay, and its light decay and 80% lifetime are only 1000 hours. LED public lighting absolutely does not allow the use of such small energy LEDs due to long-term use. Higher power LED chips and well-known brands of LED chips are the best choice to avoid fast light decay.

2. The best LED public lighting has good heat dissipation.

For LEDs used in semiconductor components, the wafer is affected by temperature and, if the temperature is high, it will be reduced to 30% of the initial luminous flux. The service life of high-power LED public lighting theoretically has a lifetime of 30,000 to 50,000 hours, provided that it has good heat resistance. It is worth mentioning that the country has adopted the world's top producer of needle cooling technology.

3. The best LED public lighting is a lighter light.

LED public lighting Due to the high technical content of complex materials, composition, and other reasons, some higher energy lamp holders will weigh far more than ordinary high-stress sodium lamps, so support for your corresponding material specifications is higher. Despite this, some LED public lighting manufacturers have reduced the weight of LED lamp holders as much as possible, from the original single lamp holder to about 10 kg, dropping more than 50 kg, reducing weight and further decline. Lighter weight street lights require more cost and they are more likely to be the best street lights.

4. The best LED public lighting is an effective light with higher brightness.

LED lamp technology has become a mature high-power LED driver that can meet the luminous flux of general street lamps as needed. The commonly used high-power LEDs are 90 to 120 lm / W, and the best-LED chips and lenses can reach 180 lm / W. The higher the luminous efficiency, the better the energy-saving effect. This is one of the most important indicators for identifying high-quality LED public lighting. However, LEDs is not clearly defined in the routine, so it should be carefully verified when purchasing LED public lighting.

5. The best LED public lighting is easy to maintain.

LED public lighting is always installed on the top of the long pole, up to 3-10m or even higher. Reinstallation or maintenance will be difficult and cumbersome. Modular LED public lighting includes modular technology. Once one of the modules reaches its end of life limit, we don't need to place the entire lamp on the ground, just replace the damaged module. Therefore, this may be the trend of LED public lighting development.

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