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A Good High-quality Water Purifier Depends on The Quality of The Water Filter Cartridges

It is not easy to buy a good high-quality water purifier. Especially for consumers who are unfamiliar with the knowledge of water purifiers, it is easy to be fooled by the guides when buying. Want to buy a good high-quality water purifier, just look at the Water Filter Cartridges(KOKOELECTRIC) is good. Some manufacturers' water purifier water filter cartridges are exposed without being disassembled. If it is not exposed, then the seller must open the inside to show it when you buy it.

First, the quality of the water filter cartridges must pass

The water filter cartridges belongs to the core component of the water purifier and is equivalent to the human heart. Therefore, the importance of the water purifier is self-evident. High quality water filter cartridges replacement cycles are typically much longer than low quality products. In recent years, the high profit of household water purifiers has attracted many manufacturers to put into production, which has caused the quality of household water purifiers to be uneven from one side.

Some manufacturers use more energy for the concept of hype when producing and selling water purifiers, but the actual purification effect is very limited. In addition, some manufacturers use relatively low-cost materials in order to reduce the production cost of the water purifier main unit and the water filter cartridges. Therefore, the water purification quality cannot be guaranteed, and the service life of such a water filter cartridges is much shorter. And it is more likely to be secondary pollution, which is more dangerous for people to drink.

Second, the water filter cartridges must be replaced regularly

Some households think that once they have installed a household water purifier, they will forget to clean or replace the water filter cartridges of the household water purifier in time. The water purification expert reminds that the household water purifier must be replaced in time.

1. Water filter cartridges replacement time varies with water consumption

Because the water quality in the area is different, the water purifier manufacturer cannot give accurate data and the date of cleaning or replacement of the water filter cartridges. In fact, when to clean or replace the water filter cartridges, it is not directly related to the date of use, when to change the water. The filter cartridges is completely dependent on the empirical value of the total water purification and the amount of water produced.

2. The water filter cartridges discoloration water volume becomes smaller to pay attention to

There are 765 kinds of organic matter in tap water, of which more than 20 are confirmed as carcinogens, 18 are cancer-promoting substances, and 24 are suspicious carcinogens. Most waterworks can only remove suspended solids and kill bacteria in the water, but can't do anything about chemical pollutants, ultrafine particles and heavy metal pollution. Therefore, the household water purifier is a machine for purifying water, and the water filter cartridges uses a section. The adsorption force will decrease after the time, so it must be replaced regularly.

General water purifier manufacturers will recommend a few months to replace, but the specific depends on the local water quality, the water quality is particularly poor, the water consumption is large, the pores of the water filter cartridges are easily blocked, the water output will gradually become smaller, water filtration The tube will also change color quickly due to the dirty water. At this time, it has to be changed early; while the water quality is slightly better and the household water consumption is relatively small, and the problem of late replacement is not large. Specifically, it is necessary to consult the after-sales service personnel of the water purifier manufacturer.

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