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How to Deal with Minor Faults of Water Filter Spare Parts By Yourself

Water filters are no longer unfamiliar to many people, and many households have used water filters as a direct source of drinking water. However, the internal structure is not very familiar to consumers. What should I do if there is a problem with the Water Filter Spare Parts(KOKOELECTRIC)? In fact, for the general problem, consumers can solve it themselves.

1. The water filter can be used normally, but the amount of water is getting smaller and smaller.

In this case, the consumer must first observe whether there is a change in the water pressure at home. If the water pressure at home is small, it can be solved by adding a booster pump. If there is no change in water pressure, you can observe whether the tap water quality of the water is getting worse. Take the cup of water and let it stand for half an hour. If the water quality is worse, increase the pre-filter to give the tap water a coarse filter. If the water is no problem, the consumer can consider replacing the water filter element. It should be that the PP cotton filter element and the activated carbon filter element are blocked for more than time, and the filter element can be replaced.

2. The water filter can be used normally, but the water coming out is turbid.

In this case, the consumer first observes whether the incoming tap water is worse or worse. If it is a lot worse, please increase the pre-filter system. If not, it is the ultrafiltration water filter that can check if the ultrafiltration membrane is broken. If it is broken, please replace it. You can also check if the seal of the ultrafiltration membrane is intact or not. If you have these conditions, please reinstall it or replace it.

3. The water coming out has an odor

Consumers still check the influent water first, is there a sudden heavy taste situation, if not, then please check the filter cartridge usage time is timed out, please replace the activated carbon filter or increase the frequency of flushing.

Of course, in order to protect their own safety, it is still necessary to buy a water filter produced by a regular water filter manufacturer.

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