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PTH container room is an energy-saving and environment-friendly modular room

When we talk about expandable container houses, the first thing that comes to our mind may be the containers used for transportation, giving the impression that the containers look heavy and easy to rust, because the joints of container houses usually cannot exert their waterproof ability in long wet rainy days.

The reconstructed container house is a solution to the problems of water resistance and rust prevention. The key is the mortise and tenon mechanism used in the assembly process. With this joint structure, 98% of water can be prevented from leaking into the joint.

In addition, the bolt looks firm and firm, but few people know the harm of its application and damage the paint. The higher the frequency of bolt replacement, the greater the damage to paint, thus accelerating rust. Therefore, after we try to repair the joint by repainting, the damage caused by bolts will appear. On the contrary, the reconstructed container house can prevent these hazards.

PTH container house is an energy-saving and environment-friendly modular house, which consists of light steel frame and insulation wall roof system. This product is widely used in temporary housing and public housing projects. The container house can withstand wind load of 210 km/h and its service life can reach more than 10 years.

If you want to know more about containers or appreciate some real cases of PTH, you can click here:

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